Monday, February 28, 2011

Report on MoMday Seminar 01

Edgar Allan Poe
Special guest: Michel Moos (editor of Media Research: Technology, Art and Communication).
Jest of honour: Bob Dobbs
Audience members: HCE

This session oscillated between sublime displays of erudition and new-wave Theatre-of-the-Absurd. Ignorance was shared. Dialogue was had. The session was completely OPEN and there was a space/place for all shapes and styles of contribution. In many respects, Seminar 01 was not unlike being at the best pub at the end of the galaxy, with a sound-light show modulated within the parameters and framework laid down by McLuhan.

Themes broached in Seminar (Colloquium) 01:
“The Southern quality”, Poe as the first media ecologist, retrieval, McLuhan and magic, tetrads and screenwriting, code and confusion, technology and the I-Ching, William Burroughs, mirrors and the senses, TV cameras and monitors, central and autonomic nervous systems (and their relations to TV and digital media), Finnegans Wake, Rudolph Steiner, Margaret Stewart and Eleanor Austin, Cross-modal understandings of knowledge, Canada and Hawaii, Nathaniel Hawthorne, etc.…

Topics/themes tabled for future discussion:
  • The Middle East
  • Social media
  • Nature and the environment
  • Media-reflexive art and praxis
Upcoming speakers:
  • Thompson
  • Stern
  • Nicholson
New developments
  • The Facebook accoutrements to the conference will be available shortly.

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