Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PROMPT : "I prefer to study the pattern rather than the theory "

"As mime, the artist cannot be the prudent and decorous Ulysses, but appears as a sham. As sham and mime he undertakes not the ethical quest but the quest of the great fool. He must become all things in order to reveal all. And to be all he must empty himself... the artist cannot properly speak with his own voice."

- Marshall McLuhan, James Joyce: Trivial and Quadrivial (1953)

Eclectic Method - The King's Remix from Eclectic Method


Richard Altman said...

just leaving a comment, another POB who had exposure but little understanding,


DATAcloud said...

>another POB who had exposure but little understanding

a perfect example of 'the decorum of the dunces'

Richard Altman said...


the eames movie, powers of ten for IBM