Monday, March 21, 2011

McLuhan, M. (1933). "Heavens Above." In The Manitoban

“There was never a country that in its good moments was more beautiful. Even in drought or dust storm or blizzard, it is the reverse of monotonous, once you have submitted to it with all the senses. You don’t get out of the wind, but learn to lean and squint against it. You don’t escape sky and sun but wear them in your eyeballs and on your back. You become acutely aware of yourself. The world is very large, the sky even larger, and you are very small. But also the world is flat, empty, nearly abstract, and in its flatness you are a challenging upright thing, as sudden as an exclamation mark, as enigmatic as a question mark.”

Wallace Stegner from his classic, Wolf Willow


Richard said...

Awesome, the simultaneity, i just mentioned this to whomever has the twitter account, about that McLuhan appreciated the acoustic simultaneity of the praries because of the visual uninterruptionz everywhere,

so i give you this, which you may know,

Craig Venter included some Joyce into the genome and now the estate wants to sue???? ridiculous

Richard Altman said...

venter joyce