Friday, March 18, 2011

McLuhan Quotes

Spoken word is mirror of the mind: canon is mirror of the voice, when one voice repeats or reflects what another has stated. GV-MMBP-171                         
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            There is a fascinating example in Milton's Paradise Lost of the process of intellectual anesthesia. Milton's problem, which is that of orthodox theology, is to explain how Satan, who has supreme created intelligence, should immediately be able to intuit the results of any sin. Therefore the problem is: how can he be said to commit sin and be of high order of intelligence? Milton solves this problem wittily by showing how Satan uses language to obscure his thinking. CA-MMWW-14
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            Imagination is that ratio among the perceptions and faculties which exists when they are not embedded or outered in material technologies. When so outered, each sense and faculty becomes a closed system. GG-MM-314
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The Analogical Mirrors. IL-MM-63

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