Thursday, March 3, 2011

Special Guest for MOM Seminar 02: George Thompson

The Coach House @ dusk
MOM conference organizers are pleased to announce that the guest of honor for Seminar 02 will be George Thompson.

Seminar 02 is scheduled for: Monday, MARCH 07, 2011. 7pm EST. The conference Dial-In number: +1 760 569 7070. Participant Access Code: 929710#

George Thompson worked at Marshall McLuhan's Centre for Culture and Technology during the years 1965 until its closure following McLuhan's death in 1981. He came to the Centre following a position at the Royal Ontario Museum where he worked with McLuhan collaborator Harley Parker on innovative museum exhibition design. Mr. Thompson himself was a graduate of the Ontario College of Art in 1951. During his years with the Program as McLuhan's administrative assistant, he worked directly on the layout and design of McLuhan's Counterblast as well as a deck of cards with pictures and aphorisms. This card deck was intended to stimulate problem-solving and thinking and was distributed as part of the DEW line publication. He was one of the original members of the Marshall McLuhan Foundation based in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, which was established for the electronic publication of McLuhan's works. He continues his studies and probes with his many friends. {From contributors to issue #149 of the Antigonish Review.

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