Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thug 4 Life

I am an intellectual thug who has been slowly accumulating a
private arsenal with every intention of using it. In a mindless age
every insight takes on the character of a lethal weapon. Every man
of goodwill is the enemy of society. Lewis saw that years ago ….
We resent or ignore such intellectual bombs. We prefer to
compose human beings into bombs and explode political and
social entities. Much more fun. Lewis clears the air of fug. We
want to get rid of people entirely. And it is necessary to admire
the skill and thoroughness with which we have made our
preparations to this. I am not of the “we” party. I should prefer to
de-fuse this gigantic human bomb by starting a dialogue on the
side-lines to distract the trigger-men, or to needle the somnambulists.

- McLuhan Letter to Ezra Pound, 22 June 1951.

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