Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"...Dressed in an Ill-Fitting Brown Tweed Suit, Black Shoes and a Clip-On Necktie"

" Tall, grey and gangly, with a thin but mobile mouth and an otherwise eminently forgettable face ..."

" He sits in a little office off on the edge of the University of Toronto that looks like the receiving bin of a second-hand book store, grading papers, grading papers, for days on end, wearing-well, he doesn't seem to care what he wears. If he feels like it, he just puts on the old striped tie with the plastic neck band. You just snap the plastic band around your neck and there the tie is, hanging down and ready to go, Pree-Tide. "
" wearing a seersucker jacket and the plastic neckband tie... "

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