Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Enemy Sessions 04

Bob Dobbs and Andrew Chrystall discuss Inscriptorium, a blog by Andrew McLuhan. 

According to Andrew "[Inscriptorium] is a blog about discovering the work of Eric McLuhan and his father, Marshall McLuhan; it’s about the paths which led to their discoveries, the triumphs and disappointments along the way; and it’s about me." In the blog Andrew is bringing to light some of the contents of McLuhan's private library (approx. 5000 volumes) and the marginalia in those works.

The Enemy Sessions 04 (
part Apart Bpart C (tailgate)).

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Anonymous said...

Part B, one-third through.

Andrew: Having never actually communed with Homer, Bob, I find it quite hard to reconnect with what Homeric laughter actually feels like. ... Well what was laughter before electricity."
Bob: Oh it was Homeric.

This followed by two canorous examples of such laughter, with Andrew's undeniably emerging as having the *genuine* Homeric tone (sorry Bob).

Bloody brilliant ;)