Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Harold Innis in military hospital (c1918) (1)
(1) A footnote under stands/stands under/with stands the body text.


Richard Altman said...

if tech enviorons are being retrieved as human scale, it's not a surprise since words are technology, what's the difference between "phrases" from different decades, and vinyl records being retrieved, both are human scale, because everything that humans made are artifacts contstantly retrieving the artform of "conscious mediumship" of decisions that humans do, by 'doing' anything.

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Richard Altman said...

circidian rhythms=android meme/anthropormorphized
crickets=are crickets representing android meme, like how 8bit mentions scraping on a cave wall or a synth=tetradic in we don't know whats first, due to the nonexsistence of micro/macro/fracto

corpus fisiculis=perpindicular punz

let's just start with aphex twin/squarepusher and snarez

figure it out, or ask,
ill spoon feed it for you with some <href a=ing a link