Monday, April 4, 2011

McLuhan Backyard Photo

The new art form of our time is the media themselves, not painting, not movies, not drama, but the media themselves have become the new art forms.... I write cartoons.... I have wanted to write a play, for a long time, on the media. And the media themselves are the avant-garde area of our society. Avant-garde no longer exists in painting and music and poetry, it's in the media themselves. Not in the programs. Avante-garde is not in hockey, not in baseball or any of these entertainments. It's in the media themselves." -- Marshall McLuhan, Forces Magazine, Hydro-Quebec, No.22, p.68, 1973.


quantum retrocausality said...

"J. Pare: L. B. Johnson was a dropout in a sense, but it is difficult to conceive of John Kennedy as a dropout?

McLuhan: He really dropped out. You know why: he was killed by the Establishment. He was executed. He was dangerous to them.

J. Pare: Because he did not want to drop out, he wanted to change things like his brother?

McLuhan: Yes. These men were executed by the Establishment. And they will be anytime they try anything like that."

Forces Magazine,
Hydro-Quebec, No.22, p.67, 1973

Anonymous said...

" Finnegans Wake of James Joyce is a verbal universe in which press,movie ,radio, TV merge with the languages of the world to form a Feenichts Playhouse of Metamorphoses."

- MM, CounterBlast page 115