Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MoM Seminar 07 Available for FREE download

McLuhan on Maui (MoM) Seminar 07, 11 April 2011.
Special guests: Mary McLuhan & David Greenberg.

Audio available for download HERE.

Mary McLuhan 
In 1981, less than a year after the passing of Marshall McLuhan, Mary McLuhan founded the Marshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications. As chairman, Ms. McLuhan remains the heart and soul of the dynamic non-profit public benefit organization dedicated to her father's memory and his life-long aim to promote understanding and progress amongst all people of the world through the communication of knowledge. For further details see: http://www.mcluhanmedia.com/mamcl_found.html.

David Greenberg
David Greenberg
David Greenberg is an Ecological Designer and Advisor to the INBAR Global Bamboo Housing Programme (International Network of Bamboo and Rattan in Beijing, China). Architectural and Urban Designer, Consultant for development projects in Southern China. President of Treehouses of Hawaii, Inc (TreeHousesofHawaii.com).


Richard said...


around the 13 minute mark they mention Marshall McLachLan the son of the Canadian Ambassador, THEN it gets weird, no just kidding the whole thing is xenincidancerony

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this link works just go to it and watch the damn thing already

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actually none of this works i'm going to have to make a sendspace link, before anything relevant tedious tests of focus occur, this being one of them.

more later, the shape of what isn't, is - bipple

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ghost in the shell - stand alone complex season one episode 3


Anonymous said...

Interesting seminar, thanks to all.

Just a note regarding discussion of McLuhan's question response @space program: "First man in outer space said, 'Oh my God, it's a work of art'" -- this comes up about two thirds of the way into the seminar. As serendipity would have it, 4/12/11 was 50th anniversary of the day that the first human being traveled into space -- a Soviet cosmonaut, 27 year old Yuri Gagarin. Transcripts of all communications with him since he stepped foot on the ship became public in 2001. He did not say anything like that earlier quote. Even without the transcripts, reference to God would have been an impossibility for Gagarin -- as a citizen of the USSR AND a member of the Communist Party (which incidentally never allowed him to fly in space again, the bastards), an atheist state where religion was severely persecuted, referencing God in that or any other context probably would have gotten him and his family executed.

All the utterances made by Gagarin were instrumental and comprised details such as temp, pressure readings, descriptions of his physical state, and descriptions of what he saw outside, mostly in terms of light/ dark/ bodies of water. There are two comments to the effect of "the light is beautiful," but no art/God/other references in the romantic vein.

Perhaps McLuhan was speaking of Alan Shepard? Haven't read transcripts of his flight, although his pre-launch "Shepard, don't fuck up..." was a classic. In the spirit of the 'race,' the US got the guy up there less than a month after the Soviets, 5/5/1961.

Richard Altman said...

to the commentor(?)
check out the onion's first landing on the moon, definitely influenced by what your saying, typing, swimming in water.

it's phunny, the POB discussion, and by POB, i mean Phone Oriented B(astard(itch) whichever.

Mary is basically bemoaning the lack of ancillery emotion that is emitted due to tone.

Whereas Sasha mentions how, the entrepreunerial communicators, her daughter, causes an identity crisis amongst her friends by calling, and thus surrounding the phatic texting via the lack of a reciprical telephone ritual.

In this sense the negative space shapes the msg from the friend who didn't answer and intuition of a incoming msg is implied.

the surrounding electronic distribution of fragmented sequences of formal expression is the landscape.

the peer to peer (napster, linear, queue) methodolgy of formal expression isn't changing, the method of how information is acquired and how it gets transformed is indicative in the way the bittorrent client works.

the file is the same whether its acquired peer to peer or bittorrent. so the file, is the cultural milestone of global scale civilization, how it's achieved, linear (the past, exclusive to region is peer to peer) non linear (while still unfolding linearily, is bittorrent where the milestone gets acquired in a focused periphery that is formally random, the linear embed of the client formally left brain arranges the bit to become the file. somewhere in this process is the metaphor for the world today. and yes if you look up the creator of bittorrent it will relate to scott taylor's research. "I can go, with the flow" -QOTSA