Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MoM Seminar 08 Available for FREE download

McLuhan on Maui
MoMday Night Seminar 08, 18 April 2011.
Special guests: Dave Newfeld.

Available for FREE download HERE.

More background on Dave can be found in an interview by Scott Woods. Another interview with Dave can be found here.


Richard Altman said...

excerpt on superlinear scale


hadron collider is proportionate to mouse scale which is the same as elephant

creative superlinear on city scale
would need proportionate scale hadron which would make subatomic observable.

timidty between me and piet this is my posterous

Richard Altman said...

greratest example of tetrad which i shoulda mentioned thought didn't is here,
i'm sure none of you will read this, do so at your own peril, cause, this is it.


Richard Altman said...

no one else will create an environment except you and i is what i mean,

Richard Altman said...

rainbo records on the history channel from 2008, 20,000 a day

six days a week

further confirmation of what i was ABOUT to SAY last monDAY

and if you want the new Gaga on vinyl just go to TARGET.COM for the pre order...COPE:)

krush is the band email, oops

Anonymous said...

You may be being interpreted as hallucinating/over-heating.
Talk (raise to the lvl of verbal awareness) on MoMday.