Monday, May 30, 2011

235 New Vidz From BuzzCoastin (With Many Clever Titles !)

The Buzz Coastin MoM Inventory (so far)

On McLuhan and Bucky Fuller :

McLuhan & Bucky Fuller 01

McLuhan & Bucky Fuller 02

McLuhan & Bucky Fuller 03

McLuhan & Bucky Fuller 04

Adjusting to the Cold Machinic

Take Today: The Executive as Drop-out

Whirled Game


Practical Management

the emporer becomes clown

under the dymaxion dome

technology as cliché

the after-image of art

nature imitates art

McLuhan Centenary 6 :

possessed by technology


spiritual causality

McLuhan's Park Bench

hedonistic puritan

everybody is possessed

bug porn

Bucky Fuller Modern Puritan

wild naïveté

Utopia or Oblivion

MoM Seminar 1 :

the inaugural jest of honor

retrieving the tetrad

am eye getting an echo hear?


the medium is the real deal

at the pub

cartoon link

a non-idiotic state of affairs

boarderline cases

blurry hawaiinan dream

interior landscapes

abc minded

P.C. Robort


MoM 2 :

george remembers mac

george remembers mac 2

The DEW Line

On Mac's Quest for the Truth

On McLuhan's Stroke

On Margret and Maggie

On Mac @ Fordham & Woody Allen

McLuhan & the Mass

CounterBlast & Wyndham Lewis

Diagnosing McLuhan

McLuhan & S. I. Hayakawa

the psychedelic probe

misunderstanding mcluhan

the hidden dimension

the android meme environment

mac's last words

culture is our bee's wax

critical mass

now out

android meme zenocranknee

if it works its obsolete

invisible landscapers


cocaine ate my panties

tachyon burst

z end

MoM 3 :

Dandy Warhol

Andy's Amigos

Mac the Hacker

east west vice versa

mass age media whorehouse

burn after seeing


coastin' rollers

the shit - media blackout

when buzz met bobby

ya kant please everyone

the buzz in china

ionic quadraphiendia

abjectively diverted china

Enemy Session 1 :

project 69

techno fundamentalism

masochistic hedonism

McLuhan cut, pasted & booked

Laundersdale Minssions

McLuhan is the Massage

critical catholic sensibility

dialog from the sidelines

do eye detect a put-on?

silence, cunning & exile on main street

affected electric age

easy answers

Mute, Dumb & Jute

android meme skitzoid scene

MoM 4 :

Mike meets McLuhan

the whirled is an edit

all that glitters is not gould

the tactile i

knot many people get it

the tetraheads

the vultures showed-up

Rollin' And Tumblin'

impractical non-application

media fast

McLuhan's Valid Fallacy

the west shall shake the east awake

techno paranoia

stopgap band-aid

Is there life before death?

Meereschal MacMuhun

through the maelstrom

Le Trompe-l'Oeil

boarderline case

the nowness of now

science of sonorous silence

synnbildising graters and things

weaving language

MoM 5 :

txting is haptic & tactile

nuvo autism

bjorn on an esp party-line

an inventory of effects

this moment never stops

the old farts at play

california dreamin

here cumz eMultibody

art is what u kant get away with

knot 4 people who still have hearz


txting, brb ttyl

drink canada dry

bug race

the shape of things to cum

Telescoping McLuhan

violins of speech

dangling participles

hello bye bye kitty

the sheen of charlie

tv tattoo u

friday's culture

aphoristic massage

media environmentalists

contentsed wody

up is down

Enemy Session 2 :

the conspiracy of theory

the motor clobber make use of his law language Edzo

big brother goes inside

silence, exile & punning

MoM 6 :

let it be


left brain right brain stuff

periferal focus

effects proceed their causes

TV eats children

nuc the whales

the job of suffering

secret honor

Enemy Session 2 :

psychedelic anesthetizer

MoM 6 :

the crow's i

analogic computation


the clash of media mixes

basic transe states

Enemy Session 2 :

art as autism as advertising

basic tetrad management

flexidisk txting

media shock

the Mudquirt accent

MoM 6 :


MoM 7 :


post tactile

metaphors & mirrors

global theater


the medium is not the medium

telephone daze

one point five seconds

macbook crash


signifying nothing

mirror neurons

within the sound of my voice


iMe Wii

MoM 8 :

languid language

slowed speech

The Noize

very pc

It's Menippean Friday

black weekend

squared tactility

trending now

fame & unfortune

queen for a daze

the image is the massage

tatoo u

shifting relevance

cluster-fuck drop-out

mystery machine

good vibrations

night in shiny carmore

failure to communicate

android meme disconnection

MoM 9 :

go figure ground

covering more ground

cave art

buzz wawa

numbing down

decontextualizing the digital

bullet rave

eraserhead quadrapheania

pseudo-virtual dithyrambic

multinano environment

over simulation


paper cuts

media bias at work

stop making cents

knowing ignorence

MoM 10 :


speed-up slow down

group think

canary in a coal mind

buzz pattern

garbeled is the massage

the disappearance of an image
knowledge explosion

hearz the point

media dynamics

culture is are bizmess

unchartable see

warwhore's art

media fallout

the snow must go on

MoM 11 :

lairs of confusion

MoM 12 :


understanding effects

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