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MoMday Night Seminar 13: Available for FREE Download

Special Guest: MJ (the hypnotist).

McLuhan on Maui, MoMday night seminar 12, 16 May 2011 now available for FREE download here.

The Tweets from this session follow in reverse chronological order:

MoM NOW: Signing off. The world of matter thanks to everyone that has participated in MoM13. MoM continues...
MoM NOW: x-raying, the gate of horn, McLuhan on the papacy, defending the mass...
MoM NOW: McLuhan's MoM, Prairie women, McLuhan's announcement of his conversion, life in a protestant country
MoM NOW: McLuhan, the Mass and the Church, liturgy and the homily
MoM NOW: back on hypnosis, ruts, axel wheels, power
MoM NOW: Ion says "its tweetable". Just the facts... pentads hexads mystery landscape
MoM NOW: 3hr 45 minute mark as significant.
MoM NOW: flp into disappearance of mystery
MoM NOW: The Logos, tetrads on IoN, enh mystery landscape, ob all chemical body, astral, tv body (a lot), ret. . fairly tale world
MoM NOW: McLuhan and detachment, the McLuhan archives, the actors voice, macabees, summerians, logos and physics, the enochian
MoM NOW: Purgatory, the 9th gate (movie), Torchia, Johnny Depp
MoM NOW: McLuhan making fun of occult arts, the new unseen, the book of shadows, layers of hell (and memes of)
MoM NOW: the dialectic of violence, becoming what you hate/fear, the minds eye, traditional occult arts and wisdom
MoM NOW: Woody Allen, wow, whale tails and whoopings, super-civilized and subatomic man, playing with old dichotomies
MoM NOW: Hmm..., peruvian, bablylon, larouche, charts, butlers and angels, Haarp, Alex Jones and coast to coast,
MoM NOW: Winters and the mimetic fallacy, putting on the mimetic zone, formal cause, formal causality as obsolesced?
MoM NOW: choice! The magnificence of..., The Wake, ISSY, McLuhan the respectable professor and the dirty and edgey
MoM NOW: new words, dogma, merging, noticing the difference (varigation...), where the rubber meets the road
MoM NOW: cavier, appetites, pixellation, tactility, colour TV, ...and what has changed
MoM NOW: Early America, Orwell vs McLuhan, what Orwell missed,
MoM NOW: carnivals, ash wednesday, the french, ...and the intrusion of a voice purporting to be a new medium
MoM NOW: IoN as current day blasphemous figure, McLuhan as observer and commentator on FRINGE phenomenon, fear greed and boredom
MoM NOW: Lewis revival in the 90s, Captain Beefheart, Bowie on LEWIS. G. bernard Shaw, beatniks, insulting society
MoM NOW: WTF, Lewis on Hitler, and what this meant for McLuhan, Lewis as supporter of monster and being banned from London society
MoM NOW: McLuhan as painter, how McLuhan talked about the mystery landscape, Finnegans Wake, Lewis, Charles Manson
MoM NOW: Angelology, angels vs super-angelic state, nostalgia for superheroes, the movie THOR, portals, Natalie Portman
MoM NOW: [gear shift] media theology, god-making machines, Tony Schwartz, media gods...
MoM NOW: laser controlled bombs, TV war, print orientated perspectives on McLuhan, ... and the esoteric arts, angels, and the media
24 May Favorite Reply Delete
MoM NOW: The Galactic mind (Thompson quadrant) as obsolete image, visual space, Walter Bowart, 911, Santa Monica, gulf war
MoM NOW: Who is the Illuminai now, management, wealth, distributionism, the mystery landscape...the NEW medium
MoM NOW: The Romanov's, Rockerfellers (BoB's old crew), there is no more chamical body control, and what is going on right NOW
MoM NOW: [we are going conspiracy now] Illuminati, secret councils, Android meme and its after-image, Thurn und taxis, Prince Charles
MoM NOW: Lewis and the secret causes of WWII, Self condemed, McLuhan as character in that work/novel.
MoM NOW: The after-image of the disappearance of media, BoB says he was assigned to STOP McLuhan, the Illuminati
MoM NOW: Everyone disappeared in 1945 (says MM), the crisis of the artist, Elvis, ego's and chemical body creativity
MoM NOW: baudrillard (the figure who inspired Matrix) says he will not be involved in making the film. The matrix made the matrix
MoM NOW: Shrinking media and molding media enviornments, the meme of thinking you are in charge, the great liberation-there is nothing there
MoM NOW: 1983/84, computer rebellion, zero, canelling the game, junk bond economy, enron, and the collapse in 2008
MoM NOW: Gamification, Understanding media, games as extension of man, Copeland, THOR, and the collapse of gamification
MoM NOW: Super creativity, youtube, broadcast yourself, passive consuption...everyone as workforce
MoM NOW: FW..who is writing the book, McLuhan on the source of jokes, celebrating the audience.
MoM NOW: How can you tell the hypnotised from the hypnotist (updating Yeats on the dance and dancer). Who is hypnotising who
MoM NOW: legislation in relation to hypnosis, brain-washing of the chemical body, self-hypnosis via media enviornments...and WHO
MoM NOW: McLuhan's writing method, making inventory, naming, charting, and the limitations of creativity....very lazy
MoM NOW: Rumpelstitlskin, how do you name a post-verbal complex TYPHON (multi-headed monster)
MoM NOW: folding back to MoM12, tetrads of formal causality, Eric McLuhan's new book. NAMING and formal causality
MoM NOW: post-ether, E=MCsquared as SCULPTURE, post-media, Einstein, was he aware of radio hypnosis
MoM NOW: Madison avenue could not hypnotise a mouse. Facebook, do I still exist?, what is left of McLuhan...what is the subliminal hypnosis
MoM NOW: McLuhan, television, and the tactile cliche, and the post-tactile
MoM NOW: The struggle to be noticed, environment placement as oppossed to product placement.
MoM NOW: Kroker on Panic this and panic that (Kroker's meme)...good for the late 90s. Panic Hollywood..panic everything
MoM NOW: Twitter has been "overloaded" so the report has been fragmentary
MoM NOW: ipods and private bubbles, sense ratios, private and not private, ...the new hypnosis, crowd dynamics
MoM NOW: shifting ratios in perception, hypnosis in the current media enviornment, McLuhan's analysis of media
MoM NOW: effects preceed causes, the rituals of hypnotism, the difficulties of hypnotism, criminals, distracting the watchdog of the mind
MoM NOW: (Techniques) reverse reaction, repitition, delayed action (anticipating effects), association...pre-conversations
MoM NOW: The study of hypnosis in relation to McLuhan, the basics of hypnotism, the five laws of suggestability, mallarme, defining/creating
MoM NOW: When 1984 becomes cliche, the job of the artist, seeing the ordinary as extraordinary, the task of dehypnotising
MoM NOW: reading strategies, the effectiveness of words, cliche to archetype process, McLuhan on numbing
MoM NOW: dialogue, mental transportation, manipulating conversations...going against the grain, conspiracy theory
MoM NOW: Getting spooked, tapping into strange things, post-hypnotic suggestion.
MoM NOW: hypnotism and memory enhancement. perception. perceptual enhancement.
MoM NOW: hypnotism. self-hypnosis. control. the "potential" to tap other parts of the brain. memory. power.
MoM NOW: Being in the world but not off it. Parrellels between artistic strategies and Christian strategies. How new media envs...
MoM NOW: Slowly setting in. We are currently talking with MJ. He is a hypnotist.
From 7pm NYC time I will begin to Tweet/SPAM the topics and threads being discussed. The topic per minute (TPM) count will be high.
MoM NOW: 10 minutes to MoMday. The primary conference dial-in numbers are: USA: +1 760 569 7070. Canada: +1 559546 1500. Access Code: 929710.

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