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PROBE: Plexure as "Acoustic Finneganese"

Oswald : " I have been reading James Joyce's Finnegans Wake
since I was 13 years old

John Oswald - PLEXURE 1993

12 movements & 21 sub-movements
concept : first 10 years of Compact Disc era
concept format : 22 minutes or 1 side of an LP record bpm : 47 > 384 + theme : time & love

1. Open
- Suck
- Rip
2. Urge
- Slow
- Slice
- Blink
3. Manifold
- Philosophy
- Phase
4. Blur
- Moment
- Wow
- Nest
5. Zoom
- Alone
- Gogh
6. Cyfer
7. Compact
- Phase2
- Snap
8. Worse
9. Mad Mod
10. Temperature
- Tempus Amoré (Hyper Love Time)
- Tempo Pact Massive
- Hazzard
- Warning
- Treacherous
11. Velocity
- Tremendous
- Tremulous

" Featured Artists "

Aretha Vanilli,
Bing Stingspreen,
Bo No Ma,
Sam & Deee-Lite,
Sam & Dead,
Engelbert Costello,
Ice Garfunkle,
Bolton Chili Overdire,
Moody Crue,
XTZ Top,
John Lennoncamp,
Bee Jesus,
Sinead O'Connick Jr.,
Twisted Steely,
Axl Galas,
9 Inch Monkees,
Bo Dire,
Percy Faithful,
Joni Cocker,
Jon Bon Elton,
Little Keith Richard,
Twisted Kross,
Madonna & Englishmen,
Fats Bono,
Spinal Top,
Dire No More,
Doobie Osmond,
Debbie Idol,
Frank Sinappa,
Allman Dominoes,
They Might Be Grateful,
Anthrax Squeeze Factory,
Halen Oates,
Depeche Mould,
Marianne Faith No Morrisey,
Blondie Sabbath,
Ozzie Osmond,
Cheap Pixie Peppers,
Beastie Shop Beach,
Lynrd Lovett,
Cream Styx,
Jerry Harry,
Jello Bellafonte,
Milli Fudge,
Ozzy Loaf,
The Captain & Terence,
Joni Shithead,
Spiro Giants,
Stevie Ray Vangelis,
Jethro Byrne,
Mariah Cocker,
Sound Garth,
Yo Yo McCartney,
T.L.C.& C. Meat Factor,
Whitney REMTV Hammercamp,
Bonnie Ratt,
10,000 Nine Inch Megasmiths,
Bobby Bon Jackson,
Julian Lennox,
Paula McCarey,
and Kool Mo Chuck.

Finneganese :
"funny funereels," "allnights newseryreel," "they leap looply, looply, as they link to light," "cellelleneteutoslavzendlatinsoundscript," and "a ... riot of blots and blurs and bars and balls and hoops and wriggles and juxtaposed jottings linked by spurts of speed." ... "what can't be coded can be decorded if an ear aye seize what no eye ere grieved fore" (482), "verbivocovisual" (341), "sendence of sundance" (615), "plumbs and grumes and cheriffs and citherers and raiders and cinemen too" (6), "revealled by Oscur Camerad" (603), "Moviefigure on in scenic section" (603), "great things were expected in the fulmfilming department" (398), "Vouchsafe me more soundpicture! It gives furiously to think" (570), "allnights newseryreel" (489), "funny funereels" (414), "optophone ... ontophanes" (13), "broodcast" (567), "roll away the reel world, reel world, reel world" (64), "thank Movies" (194), "confesses to all his tellavicious nieces" (349), "our moving pictures" (565), "Moviefigure on in scenic section" (602), "if you are looking for the bilder deep your ear on the movietone" (62). "in deesperation of deispiration at the diasporation of his diesparation ... was found of the round of the sound of the loud"

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