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Tweets From MoMday 10: A Provisional Chart of Topics and Themes

MoM NOW: My thanks for everyone involved. The seminar is still running if you have the STAMINA!
MoM NOW: Signing off .. to go to a meeting about what to present at a management conference.
MoM NOW: HORROR scopes, the last gasp of the eye culture and the birds eye view, figure/ground, Neilsen ratings(real astrology)
MoM NOW: There is heirachy...all objects create their own space and have their own PR agency
MoM NOW: The MEME of art, old arts become culture is our business becasue of a newer ground, the real dynamic is the media themselves
MoM NOW: Tarot (thanks Yana), astrology, the new age. Leave your autobiograohy at the door
MoM NOW: Burroughs and McLuhan,"A man within", getting photographed with Burroughs, Thurston More (sp?), Brian Eno, de Kerchove, Bowie
MoM NOW: Leonard Cohen, dropping the literary, becoming a COMPREHENSIVE poet,
MoM NOW: poetry, LSD, yoga ... and what it takes to be a (gutenbergian) poet, rock music, becoming a writer, rock as the real poetry
MoM NOW: The rise of play and death of the hyper-seriousness, Balinese art, deep play, TV, "thick"description & depth criticism (radio?)
MoM NOW: Geertz (sp?), Balinesse cock fights and "thick"description, instant pattern recognition, Warhol generation
MoM NOW: Ray Birdwhistle, Carpenter and McLuhan vs MKULTRA, cf Letter to Ezra Pound...distracting the trigger men (big picture guys)
MoM NOW: Post-WWII govt and design, CIA invaded the academic disciplines to two the line for industrial-kinetic bias, MKULTRA
MoM NOW: 1922 the miracle year, ethnography, phatic communion, Clifford Gertz (sp?), CIA, Dorothy Lee (and politics associated)
MoM NOW: Malinowski's study of the Trobriand islanders, going native, involvement, participating in marriage rituals(and relations to wife)
MoM NOW: This book archetypalises speech (the content of speech is weather talk), ... back on Malinowski, participant observation,
MoM NOW: Phatic communion is a BIG deal in MMs work, Duchamp and James Joyce, MM archetypalises the noddings about the week
MoM NOW: phatic communion, and six types of speech, the meaning of meaning, malinowski, how talk about objects held the tribe together
MoM NOW: Cross-cultural talk about the weather, the weather in english children's books, weather as the key to MM's satire
MoM NOW: The chemical body as the new weather in the age of satellite, cosmic weatherman, hot and cool, rim spin and weather terminology
MoM NOW: I love the way he nods ... he really communicates (in the meeting), key gestures, NASA and the popularisation of spacetravel
MoM NOW: hyper-involvement, the electric interval DEMMANDS a response (was the big statement by MM in the lateC20th), participation mystique
MoM NOW: HCE and everyone in on the show, reality shows, the andriod meme's replay of the process (played by humans from 1950)
MoM NOW: The enviornment acts out the dynamic and processes of the early C20th artist
MoM NOW: artists, Tom Easterbrook, the McLuhan Estate, Quantum celebrities and their breakdowns, the creative impulse
MoM NOW: Mark Stahlman's tetrad on mcLuhan (cf. Mark in Winnepeg), Bob says MM enhances meetings
MoM NOW: Having meetings about how you're communicating in your meetings, the birth of PR, pollution, .... what would be a pattern
MoM NOW: The buzzoword design (and innovation) as key to ca$h, McLuhan and therapy, the goal of not communicating, middle classes
MoM NOW: [imagine how hard it is to sustain attention to this obsolesced medium (speech) for this long .. the PAIN! ]
MoM NOW: is not 50 words for SNOW, it is 50 different WORDS (not the same), pattern and counter-pattern, wealth creation
MoM NOW: Eskimo's, snow and TV snow, What were the 100 kinds of snow on the TV screen that the eskimos missed, conversation analysis
MoM NOW: McLuhan quoting Regan "I maybe wrong but I am never in doubt", 50 kinds of snow in the communication feild, commitee membership
MoM NOW: Bob's cartoon-slang of bureacratic processes, MM made the most complex, incomprehensible cartoon
MoM NOW: Speed, faster than light speed, quantum uncertainty, how the smallest piece of information can acquire infinite mass,
MoM NOW: FW is about one news story and everyones discussion of this ONE event (so no one can get at what the story is)...
MoM NOW: What you learn in school = how to operate in a bureaucracy, keynotes, Obama, and the dissappearance of the IMAGE (of Osama),
MoM NOW: You are the pattern you state on your website, there is no communication, how to hilight the hidden ground
MoM NOW: Counter-irritants, and other media lanscapes, the green enviornment, the chemical body, whales, memes
MoM NOW: Back in the day people did not know that TV would have effects...medi is massage is the where is the action now
MoM NOW: The development of communication departments, McLuhan WAS engineering culture, Egypt, social media, facebook, google
MoM NOW: But why did they fund it?
MoM NOW: popularity under the dyanmics of various media enviornments, the creation of the communication discipline, rhetoric
MoM NOW: knee jerk reponses to the hidden level of radio, McLuhan says McLuhanism and castro, mao, rock, tudeau, womens lib...made by TV
MoM NOW: F. R. Leavis, what?! our greatest thoughts are created by RADIO?
MoM NOW: Joyce, the kitchen sink, knowledge systems of various cultures, radio created "depth criticism" (I. A. Richards), new crit,
MoM NOW: media enviornments and the rise of the ME decades, McLuhan's words can't be used to prove McLuhan today, rhythm
MoM NOW: EVERYBODY has become a McLuhanite (visible since the 90s), the hidden ground, non-effects of media, chemical body on the sidelines
MoM NOW: What medium is happening now, Baudrillard, VR, the seamless web, new effects of digital media, MM misses subtelties of chip-scape
MoM NOW: The relevance of McLuhan ...the general principle (that technologies change us) wil lbe around for 2-300 yrs
MoM NOW: Omni magazines, subsets of McLuhanism, Nat. Security leader for Carter, Richard Barbrook, Imaginary Futures, elites of management
MoM NOW: Why WIRED is watching this THREAD (best talk show on the planet now). Dial in and listen. Details:
MoM NOW: Anticipatory (new buzzword) sustainability, minority report, MM says anticipation will not keep up unless you turn it off
MoM NOW: innovating (making comfortable) for the chemical body vs the chipbody, anticipatory democracy (where we study the effects)
MoM NOW: Make cyborg life more comfortable (todays universal answer).
MoM NOW: Collapse of the process of designing the virtual economy, the ground cannot be designed today, design as a rear-view mirror
MoM NOW: reposnose time and media forms, letters, design and redesign, design as buzzword of the year, engineering culture, economics
MoM NOW: a grammar of DESIGN, the four/five body model, design and MAKING and matching, advertising is making sense for industry
MoM NOW: From engineering to DESIGN, the rise of DESIGN, committees for DESIGN, (how to slow down design?), Take Today
MoM NOW: Engineering culture, the elites of management, the inevitable condition under the satellite, the BIG level
MoM NOW: Lance STRATE, entertainment vs academic world, having a sense of humor, pattern recognition, disciplinary media/disciplining media
MoM NOW: Humorous management books (MM in 69'), obseravations of the absurdity of management as rear-view mirror, Peter Principle
MoM NOW: BoB says Schwartzman's epiphany was that the medium is message (the form of the meeting), epiphany as effect, bestsellers
MoM NOW: The familiar media--to speak and write memo's, physical body interactions vs invisible electric media, and how it relates to meetng
MoM NOW: Bob as ALIEN, how Western culture (re-_constitutes itself, media sensitibility fundamentalism!..
MoM NOW: so we eventually brought the discussion of Sustainability and management back into the orbit of Osama's death (it was inevitable)
MoM NOW: The functions of "meetings" in relation to other media landscapes, organisational charts, meeting form vs chart
MoM NOW: Meetings are the way that everyone monitors everyone elses responses to the chiplandscape..."how did you survive the last 24 hours"
MoM NOW: Schwartzman study done in 81', struggling with data/findings, the meeting is the medium,
MoM NOW: Helen Schwartzman (sp?) at Uni Chicago, ethnography, meetings are what organisations are about...! without them there are none
MoM NOW: Steabelts, pollution standards, and the TINY adjustments...THey are not the real workings
MoM NOW: The philosopher king, Agnew and blaming media elites, nixon's image, and MM's commentary on these things
MoM NOW: The founder of WIRED mag, how do we feel patterns of influence?, specialist-generalist, the humans on the sideline
MoM NOW: The poetry of mediums themselves (as updating the LANGUAGES of the tribe), WIRED mag, patron saint...
MoM NOW: The scope of McLuhan's influence? Big question! Did he influence peoples behavior? Don Theall, MM as symptom
MoM NOW: Wordsworth, the, Darwin, verbal ideas that influence culture, MM talks about influence of env on language
MoM NOW: The alephantitis of (obsolesced) speech acts, the myths of professions, studying the questions, MM as modern poet
MoM NOW: I've got all the answers ... but what are the questions. MM says I've got all the questions ... let me put them into high school
MoM NOW: Managment and media ecology, employment in the communication feild, education, high-school,
MoM NOW: jargonisation, obsolescence, and a lot of papers being written about everything, language and social interaction, media ecology
MoM NOW: The BRAIN trust and the admin of govt., Human potential movement, John Naisbet (sp?), over-sensitivity, value and roles
MoM NOW: Futility of the human condition, don't try and change the'll just end up on a committee...ENDLESS explanation, reports
MoM NOW: The over-analysis of change as EFFECT...the bureau gets bogged down with analysis
MoM NOW: A communication extrinsic view, psychological variables, evidence, interaction, research methods, and interacting with tech
MoM NOW: Architecture, the Caliph's design, where is/where are your vortex, Wyndham Lewis, the artists, and consulting for city hall
MoM NOW: Astonished, a-stone-aged, puns, inertia, Finnegans Wake, adjustment to what the public thinks is going on
MoM NOW: inertia, Take Today, explaining the slow down by management and management getting in the way
MoM NOW: Management and slowing down change, what McLuhan missed, evidence, car manufacturing, customisation...INERTIA
I will happily redirect and relay any questions from Twitterverse on McLuhan (or related contemp. media issues) to senminar participants
MoM WARNING: I will shortly be offering a glut of "messages" from proceedings at the MoMday seminar -- themes, fragments, questions etc..
Details about this MoMday conference can be found here:
McLuhan on Maui (MoM) 2011 MoMday night seminar starts in 10. USA: +1 760 569 7070. Code: 929710#. Canada: +1 559546 1500. Code: 929710#

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