Thursday, May 26, 2011

"You-Do-It" Histography: McLuhan's Audience(s) as Producers

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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is marking the anniversary with a suite of special programs on ABC Radio National, culminating in a “pop-up” (temporary) radio station on ABC Digital on the weekend of July 23 and 24, which will include archival material and explore life in the present digital age.
We are also developing a special online space, which will include an interactive infographic depicting a timeline of McLuhan’s life, and the media and communications landscape from his birth until the present day (and into the future!).
We’ve kicked it off with some starter dates and events:
Now, this is where you come in.
As a part of this project, we would value your input on what you believe to be the best or most significant cultural phenomenon or events during this period of the McLuhan century (1911-2011), in any of the following categories:
  • Communication Technologies - Significant technological developments or advances (for example, the first colour television broadcast by John Logie Baird in the UK on 4 February 1938), or the first mobile telephone, brick size (2kgs) in 1973, or even Agent 86’s shoe phone, first depicted in the first scene of the first episode of Get Smart in 1965)
  • Media Events - Ways in which the media has reflected historical events (such as images of the Vietnam War, Apollo 11 and the moon landing, the felling of the twin towers etc.)
  • Great moments in modern culture - (for example, the opening of Australia’s first Westfield Mall in Blacktown, July 1959, legalisation of gay marriage in the Netherlands in 2001, Vatican II from 1962-1965, First public broadcast of a presidential funeral in 1963 following Kennedy’s assassination, etc)
  • Advertising - Iconic or representative advertisements (from the Marlboro man to Burger King’s subservient chicken)
  • Biography - Significant events in McLuhan’s life and work (including publications, television appearances etc)
  • Future Directions - Your own McLuhan-esque observations, insights and predictions for the future
We will be collating this data and incorporating it into the infographic.

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