Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Book List: McLuhan to Arthur Crook, 15 November 1965

Ernest Gombrich
Dear Mr. Crook:

Since my field is media and society I am really concerned with books that study sensory change. All media are extensions of ourselves. These extensions create environments that process the preceding environments. But it is a process of sensory and perceptual I change .



Book List:
1 - ART AND ILLUSION - E.H. Gombrich - Bollingen., 1960.
2 - CENTURIES OF CHILDHOOD - Philippe Aria's, Knopf, 1962.
3 - THE ETERNAL PRESENT - S. Giedion - Bollingen Series XXXV.6.I,
4 - PREFACE TO PLATO - Eric Havelock - Harvard University Press, 1963

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