Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MoM McMerch & Wearable Charts

Super-angelic cyborg-ware for all your anthropomorphic-physical sartorial needs will soon be available via MoM McMerchandise ©®™. MoM wearable charts are designed for rift-riding, parallel-worlding, intellectual assassinations, first-rate dialogue and even old school frequency modulation and salon chatter. MoM clothes/weapons are also comfortable to wear while reading.

Watch and visit this space for further details on limited, nano-community/event edition Tshirts & prints available here :

McLuhan on Maui Studio

" Anne Hollander in "The Clothed Image: Picture and Performance" draws our attention to the fact that "dress has always been used to express variations of status, sexuality, wealth, age, reverence for supernatural power or simple whim." In Finnegans Wake the episode on the Prankquean presents dress as a piratical technology associated with weaponry and money and the rise of aggressive societies. Clothing as aggression and conquest over one's fellows and over nature appears in the aspect of the vortex; it constitutes a new flow of energy and power." - Marshall McLuhan

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