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MoMday Night Seminar 14: Available for FREE Download

McLuhan on Maui, MoMday night seminar 14, 30 May 2011 now available for FREE download here.

Guests: Bob Dobbs, Andrew Chrystall, Michael Edmunds, David Worcester.

The Tweets from this session follow in reverse chronological order:

MOM NOW: C.A.C, counter-culture, McLuhan is in digression
MOM NOW: SUM up...and now going sideways...The death of the anti-christ, the death of avaton, Paul Shockley, 1968, obituaries
MOM NOW: James the Australian is here. The issue of LURKERS...John Goodman, the unresponsive listner
MOM NOW: debating, point of view, figure ground relations re abortion issues,
MOM NOW: McLuhan on the obsolescence of the gender battle (services of), then flipping to explore disservices of, war
MOM NOW: McLuhan on paternalism, the nuclear family, the masculine role and the womens world of the industrial landscape
MOM NOW: McLuhan, Ginsberg, Theology, The Marriage of theology and art, Paul and Apollo,
MOM NOW: aids and environmental fear, in the 80s they knew the medium was the message, media ecology out of instinct,
MOM NOW: The impossibility of manufacturing fear, you cannot be warned, advertising as fear creator, soft selling, what is fear in the 80s
MOM NOW: Eve as the first extension of man (the rib), as the first accident, the manufacture of fear in dif media environments
MOM NOW: MM's view of what J.Campbell missed in his skeleton's key, visually hypnotized man, seduction, clothes as weaponry
MOM NOW: McCarthy, TV, fear, FW as a history of the modalities of fear, Prankqueen, Cambell's Skeleton's key (and MM's view of)
MOM NOW: Radio and the propagation of fear, Babylon, Bagdad battery, software communism, FW and book medium matching it against radio
MOM NOW: The four levels/way of explaining it, awareness of processes, Christianity, consciousness as artefact
MOM NOW: Who is the judge, creating fear, who is it that is doing the fearmongering? cultural norm functioning, collective phonia, national...mythmaking or individual experience...what is the cause of fear?
MOM NOW: the functions of fear, cannibalism, tribal modulation, stasis, growth, the absence of, no acceleration beyond light
MOM NOW: The viability of vicinals if invisible are invincible
MOM NOW: The numbing of the central nervous system, cyborgology, HAARP, Hollywood cyborg vs invisible cyborg
MOM NOW: Paying attention to the tactile dissolving of dichotomies, heart pacers, prosthetics, the cyborg is not a terminator
MOM NOW: P. Levy, Toronto, Theall, McLuhan and the esoteric tradition, FW as hidden ground vs the Pauline dimension of MM's outputs
MOM NOW: the argument between peter and paul, jews and gentiles, the medium's role in the argument
MOM NOW: Speech without content, why be an ape of god? alien insects, ....the issue of writing this stuff down
MOM NOW: McLuhan, Christ, Buddhism, Yoga...Ginsberg, planetization of the esoteric...
MOM NOW: AT&T and decentralisation, mixing it up, buzz coastin's work, CBC, McLuhan on television
MOM NOW: anti-art and anti-science, journal of the magi, the emperors old clothes, telephony kills telephony in brothers broil
MOM NOW: defining anthropomorphic, the anthropocene, what is it that being think being human is...anthroporphic projects of physics
MOM NOW: The relevance of "conspiracy" theory, power and control, grounds for individual identity, AEIOU, cyborgs
MOM NOW: HCE one person...can be applied to anyone who occupies THE position of POWER re new media env.
MOM NOW: Reflecting on past MoM's and the crown agents, when man is both figure and ground, Kissinger,
MOM NOW: McKenna on why Joyce does not like Jung. Book people, Aristotle, oral man, the OTHER (dialectic), fascination with complementary
MOM NOW: Poe and the postures of the individual unconscious, JOyce and the collective unconscious...the unconscious as media env
MOM NOW: What MM said of Lewis re studying the new, experiential promiscuity, the archetypes of the collective unconscious
MOM NOW: McLuhan in the 60s on the McKenna agenda, psychedlics and anti-enviornents...becoming obsolete, DROPPING IT, Leary
MOM NOW: McKenna's review of the Letters of Marshall McLuhan, the review of varieties of religious experience (by MM), not published.
MOM NOW: Starting with the MYSTERY McLuhan vs the known McLuhan, Donald Theall, Joyce and Finnegans Wake, the scope of McLuhan
MOM NOW: The content of the mouth, the archimedian fulcrum, a man who knew where to stand,
MOM NOW: Hegel, Fullford...and the problem of finding the new in this fuddy-duddy professor, semiotexte, counter-McLuhan movement
MOM NOW: McLuhan turns pattern recognition into an artform, addictions to monitoring, appraching the 1hr 44 minute mark. Mark this!
MOM NOW: The post-aesthetic McLuhan, the post-verbal ... from 1962
MOM NOW: The cognitive thrills of pattern recognition, understanding is only half the issue...thermostatic control of environments
MOM NOW: McLuhan and pain as probe, cardinals and the red toque of canada, Canadian metro-sexuals, earthquakes, knee jerk reflexes
MOM NOW: Buzz Coastin's editing, remixing and mashing of past MoM seminars, and Enemy
MOM NOW: bi-modernism, and flip flip flip and the nonvisualisable situation, the tradition of putting everything in books
MOM NOW: tetrads vs cliche vs archetype pentadic and the obsolescence of tetrads...
MOM NOW: The later McLuhan in the last decade of his life. The Male role and conversation, raising babies genderless?
MOM NOW: Expecting the unexpected, the dif. between McLuhan and Baurdrillard, the new language, tetrads, the UN, new agenda's
MOM NOW: McLuhan's manifesto for the 1970s and the post-tactile...cannot be an anti-environment, Baudrillard
MOM NOW: Sprung rhythms vs rock'n'roll ...and the failure of anti-enviornments (you can't have one in the 1960s).
MOM NOW: McLuhan on Gerald Manley Hopkins, broken rhythms, 40s McLuhan, modern poetry and breaking the trance of visual space
MOM NOW: McLuhan's early essays on McLuhan, Practical mystics, Chesterton, McLuhan beyonding GKC
MOM NOW: McLuhan, Juijitsu with being paranoid about the anti-christ, and services of the end time(s). McLuhan's vision of media
MOM NOW: The fifth horseman (of the apocalypse), the artists version of the BEAST, Hunter S. Thompson, Bk of Daniel or Bk of Revelations
MOM NOW: The domestication of mystic experience with iphone and google earth, the artist, invisible prophets, noticing effects
MOM NOW: Baudrillard's archetypalism of male/female interaction, rear-view-mirror, seduction and the electric scene
MOM NOW: Being distracted from distractions, detachment and not involvement in electric media, PoMo and jumping back into distraction
MOM NOW: Mystic experience, as puny, in the electric age.
MOM NOW: Grammar, Rhetoric and Dialectic re c20th. Out of body experiences, Mic Edmunds visited by MM's "ghost"...keep singing
MOM NOW: JJ uses VICO as subplot not the mainplot. Bacon, Vico, Joyce, and McLuhan (Eric McLuhan). MM has dif purpose to Joyce
MOM NOW: JJ as not too involved with Vico beyond using him to organise the book. Juxtaposition of simultaneity and cyclical
MOM NOW: WHere does VICO come into this (re his sense of TIME), JJ says he used VICO as trelis/frame/structure.
MOM NOW: Happenings at the coach house, future guests on MoM, VOICE, mcluhan and the new physics
MOM NOW: The squeaking the the background. The question of what ME learnt from Scott Taylor
MOM NOW: Fred Flahiff, Sheila Watson, and the place of Scott Taylor in the English department at UoT, C18th lit
MOM NOW: Mic Edmunds turns up, how bad it was to be a McLuhan scholar at the UoT, Scott Taylors experience of these disservices
MOM NOW: Terrence McKenna on McLuhan (and the mistakes that reside in), "Touch the Earth", mystic far video, TM projects the gnostic...
MOM NOW: There is something deeply biographical about McLuhan's work, mediumistically yours, comprehensivism
MOM NOW: McLuhan's strange background, McLuhan's mother and father, the proto-PoMo family, typing jobs
MOM NOW: Richard Cavell, the new geography, eskimos/innuit, Carpenter, living with the Eskimo's, tactility
MOM NOW: geographic and linguistic landscapes.
MOM NOW: MM's Catholicism, tactility, and resolution of the dichotomy, as he figures how to go past them. Paul Claudel
MOM NOW: acoustic space/horizontal and visual space/vertical. NOW the fourth part...Marshall conditioned by ros/crux percepts or concepts
MOM NOW: Innis->Lewis->Joyce->Einstein. Space and time dialectics. Manicheans (cf McLuhan's commentary on time/space)
MOM NOW: Joyce plays off Einstein, salon talk of the day, McLuhan as the Einstein of the 20th century (exerting similar effects)
MOM NOW: Time, memory cults, Druids, the moon vs Children of the sun, Space, Rome and the two categories in Joyce> Stone vs Water
MOM NOW: deverbalisation, Einstein, McLuhan and beginning with TIME and SPACE. See James Joyce: Trivial and Quadrivial
Previous MoMday seminars, where "we" walk beyond yet beside McLuhan, are available for FREE download at:
MoM NOW: This is a WARNING...I will begin rapid TWEET of colloquia themes for the next 3 or so hours -- a STREAM of extended consciousness prose
McLuhan on Maui (2011) MoMday night seminar is going to start in 10 minutes (7pm NYC time). Free call numbers at site:

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