Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MoMday Night Seminar 15: Available for FREE Download

McLuhan on Maui 2011 MoMday night seminar 15. Available for FREE download here.
Special guests: Nick Cascino, Scott Norris, Foo Fighter.

The website/project being discussed for the first two hours is McLuhan Times Square.

The Tweets from this session follow in reverse chronological order:

MoM NOW: Signing off. Work commitments. MoMday 15 is still going strong!
MoM NOW: The issues of projecting western political categories onto China, BoB's tiny note chart, NYC vs China.
MoM NOW: Making Beijing a model city, the forbidden city (remains at the "centre"), comparing to rise of other int. cities.
MoM NOW: The new technology makes NYC what it is today, and back to NYC today (as int city NOT American city), the rise of Beijing
MoM NOW: Empire State building, the depression, "to big to fail" (HBO movie), NYC as phoenix, ports shipping and canals (cf. Innis)
MoM NOW: Chp3 in McLuhan's New American Vortex: "The Pseudo Vortex: Times Square and Environs" ...unpublished c.mid-40s.
MoM NOW: Current experiences of NYC. NYC as not an American city.
[Back channel] Re-Tweet FooFighter888: Does he realize that you can play World of Warcraft online, earn "Gold" in the game, and then actually sell it for real money?
MoM NOW: CounterBlast (1954), NYC in the 1920's and the birth of the American era, Radio + the depression, then TV reinvigorates NYC
MoM NOW: Processes of media transformation(early tetrads in the 60s), Last word, cliche, artform, archetype is not tetrad, Cliché to Archetype
MoM NOW: The porn phase of TimesSquare NYC, and the romanticisation of the ghetto phase, sinners (and services of), Warhol, candy darling
MoM NOW: Disneyfication is related to impact of TV, TS as representing Global Village iconography, Tv archetypalised in TS
MoM NOW: last word, (new tech) obs internet becomes cliche, hologram promtes nostalgia (artform, internet differently), then archetype
MoM NOW: The Cooney Island (sp?) of the mind, sleeze and counter culture, TimeSquare as Museum! The archetypalising of the TVlandscape
MoM NOW: The Beatniks in TS (the icon of art and culture) yet locally it was a dissaster
MoM NOW: The transition from vauderville to pornography (a downward spiral from the POV of NY business).
MoM NOW: Pandora's box and the carnival, 7th avenue (in the 40s and 50s), the ghetto, old vs new media. what TV did to TS
MoM NOW: TimesSquare as pigsty--drugs, junkies and porn movies (when Nick was growing up) vs TimesSquare now.
MoM NOW: phase developments in Times Square development paired to media enviornments, The disneyfication of TimesSquare
MoM NOW: The relation of the repositioning of Vauderville a propos talent development.
MoM NOW: Cinema kills vauderville, vauderville is pressed into new postures, the new "magic" ratio's...vauderville NOW
MoM NOW: [we're doing media history] audience participation, the rise of cinema (last deacde 1800s) as one piece of a vauderville show
MoM NOW: Gershwin (career of), From Tin pan alley to radio, recorded music, nightclubs and singing bartenders in NYC, vauderville
MoM NOW: The birth of the integrated musical, the exodus to Hollywood, the rise of sound-cinema. Tin Pan Alley, 20s Manhattan


MoM NOW: Studying TimesSquare as lens (antienvironment) to the Internet.
MoM NOW: The NASDAQ in TimesSquare (virtual markets), promoting internet "craziness" before the Internet Bubble burst
MoM NOW: Discussing the "portal" concept of the 90s. The Silicon Alley insider magazine. Mark Stahlman and Silicon alley circus
MoM NOW: TimeWarner, Viacom and acquisition strategies to control new media (www), the AOL merger, ...content (was) is king
MoM NOW: Nick begins his study in 96' against the backdrop of challenges of new media to newspapers. Intially a "minor threat"
MoM NOW: Nick talking about his 110 yr art history of Times Square through the lens of McLuhan. Formerly in newspaper business
MoM NOW: Special guest is Nick "Casino" see: http://mcluhantimessquare.blogspot.com/
WARNING: TWEET deluge of topics and themes--a provisional first-draft chart of the bog speech--will follow from 7pm NYC time.
The primary MoMday Seminar 15 dial in numbers are: USA: +1 760 569 7070. Canada: +1 559546 1500. Access Code: 929710#.
McLuhan on Maui 2011 MoMday night seminar 15 is due to start in 15 mins. Details on how to call in (for FREE) at: mcluhanonmaui.com

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