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MoMday Night Seminar 16: Available for FREE Download

McLuhan on Maui 2011 MoMday night seminar 16. June 13 2001. Available for FREE download  here.
Special Guests: Gerry Fialka, Robyn (the Mathematician)

The Tweets from this session follow in reverse chronological order:

MoM NOW: Signing off. MoMday 16 is still going strong.
MoM NOW: Arriving at 2-ness, trigonometric values, sine and cosine, time/space, angles and frequency, tactility..
MoM NOW: bringing (para-)media ecology and maths together, [for the record ... it was Scott that did it], the travels of Pythagoras
MoM NOW: Numbers and angles, the origins of number, A working definition of a fractals, the interrogation of Robyn on the history of maths
MoM NOW: The poetry of physics and the physics of poetry, Pythagoras as poet, printing press and the rise of algebra, process maths
MoM NOW: The obsolescence of teaching algebra (as torture), and why we should teach totally different maths, turning young people away
MoM NOW: The dynamics of the teaching experience (maths department), we're moving into the classroom and contemp education
MoM NOW: The "spume" (of foam) of experience. Lyotard's draft works, the aquarium age, the picean age, the cloud, History of maths (and MM)
MoM NOW: Is that tactility squared? Paying attention, the search for a better word, matching, intentionality (and its fleeting nature)
MoM NOW: Being and becoming, Gerry gets told off an required to get back in class/lab, stress of dealing with multiple environments.
MoM NOW: tactility as the INTERPLAY, it is always 2. Attempts to pinpoint the tactility, eraser head, Adam Kurtis (film), Being and tactility
MoM NOW: Is there an original gesture? Baudrillard, Gesture and tactility in McLuhan (re language), Hendiadys, tactility as 1 by means of 2
MoM NOW: Gesture and Tactility...Derrick grappling with the terms. Cloning ESP, Media env's as gestural (a way to read Finnegans wake)
MoM NOW: Gertrude Stein's contribution to McLuhan via Scott Taylor
MoM NOW: Scott Taylor devs G. Stein and William James and what McLuhan valued in Stein, how MM guided Scott's PhD
MoM NOW: New question--creating new forms in relation to mediums, Brakich on MM...anyone who celebrates Lewis is a friend of mine
MoM NOW: killing things by naming it (intellectual and artistic assassin), updating naming activity, Stan Brackich (sp?) on Gertrude Stein
MoM NOW: New age aesthetics and zappa's satirizing thereof, arhivedotorg, Kruchev and Nixon, Purple, the aesthetic cluster of pure bob
MoM NOW: Time/Space and Einstein, Blue atmospheres, channelled information, the Blue light...and cross references to.
MoM NOW: The void and the non-physical, and extensions of the void, non-entity, the after-image of tactility (black), blue, tesla...
MoM NOW: What are the new extensions of the physical? Bob is calling it the non-physical (trying to push the parameters of meaning).
MoM NOW: The user is content, the "full" human being, phases of media change, extending the physical, the non-physical is extension of???
MoM NOW: How do you be an antienvironment now, and is there a need for one? The "non-physical" as anti-environment
MoM NOW: FW is a mirror of our present, Joyce suffered the fate of Warhol, it has merged with current experience, interval art,
MoM NOW: Finnegans Wake as obsolete medium, the digital env. and multi-level annotations on ANY object. this experience as figure.
MoM NOW: Eliot's Wasteland on iDevice, the limits of the little figure hitting the screen, Joyce vs T. S. Eliot.
MoM NOW: MM says Eliot is everyday awareness but FW has yet to be. NOW, "Rolling thunder and the gospel years" (unauthorized), NYTimes
MoM NOW: The technique of leaving things out, advertising and Dylan, compositional praxis, listening to the crowd, Finnegans Wake,
MoM NOW: Dylan as knee-jerk cyborgian reflection, Dylan on McLuhan (and Mailer), making content for global theatre
MoM NOW: Bauhaus and vorticist values propped up by Bobby Zimmerman, how conventional and environmental they became.
MoM NOW: "What do you mean by?" (what era of art are we talking about here), Dylan, Robert Frost, battle of a thin man, Mr Jones, Fiore
MoM NOW: Percepts and concepts in relation to BOOKS, approaching MM as "conscious quadrophrenic", multi-levels in simple prose
MoM NOW: Technological determinism and McLuhan ... motivated somnambulism, how MM purposefully puts on tech determinism
MoM Now: 1960s McLuhan is ignored by the artists, L. Anderson, Discovers global theatre quote 30 yrs after the fact. McLuhan's staying power
MoM NOW: McLuhan being photographed with Hubert Humphrey (cf Carpenter and the Vietnam war).
MoM NOW: The artists ego after 1945. McLuhan pointing out the post-human from 1951.
MoM NOW: NLP and movie making, McLuhan as technological determinism, will, anarchy, Peter Coyote (sp?), Hollywood, Pound letter 1951
MoM NOW: Nelson Rockefeller, and the question of intentionality, involvement in art world, what is he trying to achieve?
MoM NOW: The role of intention in role making, ambiguity, maturity ... Cathedrals in the middle ages, sacred geometry,
MoM NOW: Objective art vs subjective art (McLuhan's history of...), the pyramids, TV and new environments, museum artefacts, Greenberg
MoM NOW: Joseph Beuys (sp?), Bauhaus, TV (a new architecture), McLuhan confronting the art establishment, purposely misusing terms
MoM NOW: "There is nothing more bourgeois than not wanting to look bourgeois" - Warhol. "Who paid the piper"
MoM NOW: Arakawa and Duchamp in NYC (anecdote), Rockefellers’ hook-up and invest, Surrealism in NYC in 40s, high-brow pop culture
MoM NOW: Arakawa (famous conceptual artist), last exhib in late 80s, "we refuse to die", (see Bob timeline), Yoko Ono, NYC, Duchamp
MoM NOW: Tv merging viewer and screen (1960s), replaced by digital phase and patina of private autonomy, the value of MM's "calculus"
MoM NOW: What happened when the art-world lost its hold, TV and LSD, The blurring of art as specialised activity, Rockefeller
MoM NOW: Banksy, Penny Guggenheim, Gutenberg art as gold standard for prestige and status, Warhol, Gen-X and later (fascination with 60s)
MoM NOW: Gerry Fialka of the LA based McLuhan and Finnegans Wake reading group is on the line. Espionage and counterespionage
MoM NOW: surrealistic canvasses in print ... McLuhan's understanding of artform vs gen understandings of art, Kissinger,
MoM NOW: McLuhan exposing the detached position in relation to managing information (McLuhan as threat), Big brother as Passed Env
MoM NOW: Programming the large patterns of data society, the Whitehouse, Iam Fleming and James Bond
MoM NOW: Fiore working with Gerry Ruben (sp?), Fiore's career, Jerome Agel, The Medium is the Massage LP, Playboy, Kubrick, Bucky Fuller
MoM NOW: Herbert Muchamp (sp?), the carnival of graphics, conscious could be affected by knowing collision of word and image
MoM NOW: X-Raying the collaborator, Fiore, the world of "design," graphic design, Pollack, the new Bauhaus Chicago, Fiore as anarchic
MoM NOW: Espionage becomes an artform, What does McLuhan mean by artform? Relationships with collaborators
MoM NOW: Goldfish bowl and the age of aquarium, the transparent container, 1968...a message to the fish
MoM NOW: to you counter the WIKI? Eliot’s strategy doesn't seem to work anymore.
MoM NOW: McLuhan’s strategy of being obtuse? roots in men of 1914, strategies of propping up literacy, wikipedia, effecting the reader
MoM NOW: Discussing P.92 of The Global Village: Transformations in World Life and Media in the 21st Century.
MoM NOW: The obsolescence of the tetrads? The interplay between cliche and archetype. Heading towards early tetrads.
MoM NOW: C/A book highlights the retrieval factor (re elements of the tetrads in earlier books). Initially 1973/74. Eventually pub 1988
MoM NOW: McLuhan's tetrads in view of the cliche-archetype process. Tetrads in the 1970s. Discovering the law of "retrieval"
MoM NOW: Powers signs book same date as Eric's preface in LoM (released one year prior also on tetrads). Grievance.
MoM NOW: Bruce Powers (collaborator of McLuhan), rumour has it he was intel payroll, Oxford Uni Press, Tetrads, politics of publishing
MoM NOW: Patriotism vs image smearing, discovering that information was a ghetto (the bias), 4 factors, patterns of political influence
MoM NOW: Psychological "breaking points", govt exposure and spin, cracking under news media pressure, CIA provided no training for TV body
MoM NOW: Stereotypes for CIA opreatives (re "Fair Game"). The Bush administration, Iraq, the op-ed makes the market, political pressure
MoM NOW: The intention is to segway to a discussion of "espionage as artform" (cf.
MoM NOW:…. Serious allegations become a ... movie. Movements of uranium.
MoM NOW: Starting with a discussion of "Fair Game" (2011). Starring Naomi Watts and Sean Pean.
MoM NOW: [personal note] How I love the muzak of FREE conference call. Sythsax, eaaaazy listening, mockktail sounds of time-out-of-time.
WARNING: Tweet deluge of McLuhan on Maui topics and themes will begin shortly. Today, we will plunge again into that not-so-silent sea.
MoMday dial in numbers are: USA: +1 760 569 7070. Canada: +1 559546 1500. Access Code: 929710#. Starts 7pm, NYC time. All welcome
McLuhan on Maui (2001) MoMday night seminar 16 is due to start in 5 mins. Details on how to join in here:

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