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MoMday Night Seminar 18: Available for FREE Download

McLuhan on Maui 2011 MoMday night seminar 18. June 27. Available for FREE download here.
Special Guest: Virginia.

The Tweets from this session follow in reverse chronological order:
MoM NOW: Signing off TWEET duty--- temporarily arresting the social bog of speech. MoMday 18 is still going VERY strong.
MoM NOW: Activism, saving the wilderness, programming the env,
MoM NOW: Carl Sagan, science, self-correction. Descartes & thinking about thinking (the second look with Gutenberg), info overload 400yrs ago
MoM NOW: Science used to be called natural philosophy, its fragmentation 1800s, McLuhan retrieving original enterprise
MoM NOW: Masters of software and hardware, Ben Bernanke (sp?), doing more with less and less (Bucky), more with less politically
MoM NOW: Art under electric conditions must be collage. p. 11 Take Today (figure/ground mergers). Also see Playboy interview. Ital "content"
MoM NOW: Lumpy Gravy and Medium is the Massage..both recorded 67' and released 68'. Both are collages (similar music concrete)
MoM NOW: McLuhan discovered how to use books in the electric age, finding the services in McLuhan's fallacy. Fake dialectics
MoM NOW: Finkelstein on McLuhan (criticism of), takes MM to task on specialist meanings of terms, if you go @ terms you will miss McLuhan
MoM NOW: ...Love is not music. Music is the best! The split between the head and the heart. Thought vs feeling dichotomy as effect
MoM NOW: Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love...
MoM NOW: expresses nothing.
MoM NOW: The impulse to find a framework or container for experience (and its "meaning"). Ideas vs Products, the "idea effect" and post-lit
MoM NOW: Zappa's leveraging of 50s archetypes against 60s psychedelic provide an anti-env. post-communication society
MoM NOW: WHY does purpose have to be expressed as an "idea"?
MoM NOW: Zappa on conceptual continuity, The Western bias for a birds eye view (in relation to art praxis), memory, effects of literacy
MoM NOW: The WHY question as the BIG issue for Western civilization. McLuhan's criticism of anthropology and diagnosis of it as effect
MoM NOW: 5 questions as product of literacy: what why where how who ...and literacy as ground for WHY. McLuhan and anthropology
MoM NOW: Understanding the WIDER issues, what McLuhan is pointing out, as precondition for "getting" the particular
MoM NOW: Retrieving old conversations, rubber chickens, disarmament, McLuhan vs idealist utopias, the issue is not disarmament but TV
MoM NOW: Are we creating an anti-environment by talking about McLuhan on a global conference call?
MoM NOW: The "learning of art" and its limiting?
MoM NOW: Ideas vs translations (re earlier theme), translation..., is communication possible, the city as classroom, what is real art
MoM NOW: Ideas vs translations (re earlier theme), translation..., is communication possible,
MoM NOW: The rise of Celtic consciousness, Zappa on Gould .. the only guy I can stand. Mothers of Invention
MoM NOW: The old schism (remains at UoT)...people who want to study McLuhan and media effects vs those who think he is a crackpot
MoM NOW: Shamus Ross (sp?) Dead of FIS, Derrick de Kerchove and Shamus noting that "he should have done more..."
MoM NOW: McLuhan talking with artists, MM as monomaniac in coach house dif from in private home (decorum shifts re environments).
MoM NOW: G. Paizant discussion of Gould's technique, and McLuhan's response to, McLuhan is interested in Gould as SYMPTOM
MoM NOW: McLuhan and Gould's discussion, understanding the artists project in the late 20th century. Translating the "talk" into content
MoM NOW: McLuhan and the fallout with Ted Carpenter. "Touch the Earth." The McLuhan's family dynamics. Glen Gould.
MoM NOW: Michael, Terry and Elizabeth McLuhan at the "unveiling." Bloor & Young (in Toronto).
MoM NOW: The Gutenberg Galaxy, using the headline/blurb/gloss, the errors of the arts Bureaucrats. The Mozilla crowd (also present).
MoM NOW: Dennis Lee as figure who, in his day, had nothing actively to do with McLuhan, ends up as figure embalming him.
MoM NOW: We are talking about the unveiling of a plaque in Toronto (in honor of McLuhan). Wychwood park, Couch House Press, POB poets
MoM NOW: 29 Wells Hill (the house MM lived in after moving off the campus). The city of Toronto is now commemorating McLuhan. Dennis Lee.
MoM NOW: Michael Edmunds reporting on the celebration of McLuhan and how it fits in with Canadian myth making
MoM NOW: Teaching machines, Books as archetype for the machine, Lamartine (sp?), the telegraph effect, writing beyond the book
MoM NOW: Variations of the expression how "machines are out of control." The word machine vs electric circuitry. D&Gs "machinic"
MoM NOW: TV as 40 yrs ago ... What is the "antidote" to the present? What can be an anti-environment to the NEW? Machines extending machines
MoM NOW: The problem of talking about issues that audiences are not in a position to even consider (as critical issue for McLuhan).
MoM NOW: The metaphors that make America vulnerable, what env is large enough, The new rules of decorum (for lurkers).
MoM NOW: McLuhan's proposals vs the literate sensibility and its assumptions about individual thinking and democracy
MoM NOW: How to address collective effects impacting ALL civilization, switching off TV for 6 months (as issue for voting on).
MoM NOW: Is the only response (to media environments) authoritarian? Equality before the law, Egypt, Pharohs and (retrieval of)
MoM NOW: McLuhan see's TV as more destructive than the BOMB. Media ecology, The bomb as env. and the decentralization of universities
MoM NOW: The impossibility of a private remedy. How the atomic bomb threated the artistic EGO. How talent is obsolesced by collective
MoM NOW: Fascism vs TV; the collapse of the Berlin war due to new media. Tactile TV society vs EYE. Collective "DNA" that can be programmed
MoM NOW: The failures of the philosopher kings in relation to macro-modulations of the worlds media diet--corporate psychiatry. Fascism
MoM NOW: Balance and the Fall in relation to media environments. TV creating the highest decibels of consciousness. Media diets.
MoM NOW: FINN (as pre-lit tribal group) retrieved under electric humans woke from the Gutenbergian trance
MoM NOW: The ground for the sender-receiver model, using images from the literate phase to earlier (katachronism). Mapping pre-lits.
MoM NOW: What is "communication?" cellular communication, Does the phonetic alphabet predispose us to "seeing" cells? Signal-receiver.
MoM NOW: ideograms vs phonetic languages. Ah Bah Cah Dah vs all-for-a- bit. The beginning of schizophrenia in Western man.
MoM NOW: Arguing about definitions of "civilization" vs phonetic alphabet as unique marker point; the linguistic effects thereof...
MoM NOW: The graeco-judeo heritage in relation to the effects of the phonetic alphabet. What being "literate" means.
MoM NOW: Nomadic forms of culture, clay tablets, the medium of cities, THe phonetic alphabet creates a particular KIND of city
MoM NOW: The visual/acoustic metaphor as technical definition of "civilization," environments, ...we are refining and defining (matching)
MoM NOW: The linguistic effects vs the psychological effects, how a new medium changes the older mediums. Now..printing press
MoM Now: MoM is underway and we have a special guest as ordainted minister. We are dealing with the effect of the PHONETIC alphabet
MoM Now: MoMday 18 is underway. Pre-conversation, setting the scene, phatic discussion, hearing/seeing who is hear/here
WARNING: a TWEET deluge of topics and themes in MoMday 18, where we discuss the work of Marshall McLuhan, will follow soon.
MoMday 18 conference dial-in numbers are: USA: +1 760 569 7070. Canada: +1 559546 1500. Access Code: 929710# Other numbers are available.
McLuhan on Maui (2011) MoMday night seminar 18 will be starting in 8 mins (at 7pm NYC time). Details on how to join in:

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