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MoMday Night Seminar 17: Available for FREE Download

McLuhan on Maui 2011 MoMday night seminar 17. June 20 2001. Available for FREE download here.
Special Guests: Paul Farrelly, Scott Taylor, Michael Sheilds

The Tweets from this session follow in reverse chronological order:
MoM NOW: Signing off. MoM is still going strong.
MoM NOW: "Where" is censorship, the form of medium itself as creating the censorship, the user as content (and irrelevance of censorship)
MoM NOW: True Blood (as exploration of vampiric effect of Internet on chemical body)
MoM NOW: The coupland bio of McLuhan, services and disservices of. McLuhan on "the varieties of psychedelic experience"
MoM NOW: the cognitive process as map for history of media (to be found in lit criticism).
MoM NOW: Reading poetry out loud
MoM NOW: The Interior Landscape and writing that produces psychedelic effects.
MoM NOW: The inadequacy of cultural reference points for describing MM (e.g. pre-socratic)
MoM NOW: The stained glass at the end of McLuhan, the trickster and multi-leveled thing doing on with this guy,
MoM NOW: The in-breed and out-breeder, media as new out-breeders...FB using monster medium to in-breed and build own myth
MoM NOW: phases and kinds of information overload, the migration from Facebook, rock'n'roll will never die, p. 190 global village
MoM NOW: 1974..instant replay leads to the addiction to the thrills pattern recognition, and being overwhelmed by pattern
MoM NOW: The mythic as pattern recognition (the copernican revolutions). 1. copernicus, 2. Kant (inner space), 3. pattern recognition
MoM NOW: the archetypal resonance of the interview in the audile-tactile 60s. Gravity's Rainbow (american's Finnegans Wake as Ulysses)
MoM NOW: shaking hands with Warhol, returning to interview as artform, speech as artform (socratic dialogue), interview as retrieval
MoM NOW: Tim interview in 66' (remembered by Leary haters), orgasms and acid trips, Ginsberg, Babas, Ginsberg & McLuhan.
MoM NOW: Leary as alcoholic, his archives just been sold (see NYTimes), Leary's comments on MM's PLayboy interview & artform of interview
MoM NOW: Leary says the problem with MM was he was a radio man -- Tim had limited view of MM. Tim not a reader of McL's books
MoM NOW: Michael knew Leary closely for the last 10 years of his life. TL dies in 90s. declares MM as new Socrates. Tim's media events
MoM NOW: The multiple personalities of Leary. "Hanging out." Leary didn't want to talk theory.
MoM NOW: "Turn on, tune in, and drop out" also inspired post conversation with McLuhan. Tim not big on conversation with people.
MoM NOW: Michael Sheilds reflecting on Tim Leary's encounter(s) with McLuhan. McLuhan advised him to smile whenever on news media
MoM NOW: The O'Driscoll paranoia, now Tim Leary and McLuhan
MoM NOW: McLuhan on the assassination of JFK, Drucker on McLuhan's "prophecy" (1994), squelching the McLuhan revival
MoM NOW: Drucker (the acceptable public figure) as footnote to McLuhan, the scandal of Krammar and his influence.
MoM NOW: "The man who came to listen" (McLuhan and Nevitt getting back at Drucker). Drucker as father of management
MoM NOW: Drucker as figure who was very early exposure to McLuhan, MM and Drucker in NYC (and how he used it)
MoM NOW: Peter Drucker and McLuhan, Adventures of a Bystander, McLuhan, Bucky and FRitz Krammer (sp?), Drucker see's MM in 40s
MoM NOW: The history of the 80s and 90s at St Mics, DdK and the defection from UoT to Italy, and the priests lunch crowd at UoT
MoM NOW: The infiltration of decent societies, the underdogs--Catholics, Irish, The US South. John M. Kelly as McLuhan's spiritual advisor.
MoM NOW: Lanier on the retro/nostalgic impulse in McLuhan, Euripides (?), The Fugs, Ed Sanders, The 100th Monkey, MM as triple agent
MoM NOW: Rim spins around slower spins (formulae for collapse and disintegration), the erosion of the human, Jaron Lanier
MoM NOW: Theall as POB (print orientated bastard)? instant replay (the most metaphysical of technologies according to McLuhan).
MoM NOW: Farley says that McLuhan's work needs genetic analysis, p 614 of FW and Theall's fixation on key phrases, intentional repitition
MoM NOW: The UN's application of the vorticists breakthrough at a global level (cf "Catholic HUmanism and modern letters")
MoM NOW: Culture is our business, Harold Innis + Finnegans Wake, the Vorticists and key to creative process
MoM NOW: media as anesthetics, The people most affected by the atomic bomb is artists (& their egos), cliche ghetoization of creativity
MoM NOW: The citadel of consciousness, the effects of VR, social autism, can media studies operate as medicine? suave newfies,
MoM NOW: The Cray computer purchased by UoT from the CIA, O'Driscoll's take on it, The last night of club 22, O'Driscol has tenure revoked
MoM NOW: Michael Sheilds from LA turns up (former friend of Tim Leary).
MoM NOW: O'Driscol on the meaning of Nato and the Warsaw pack (on route to madness), Nelson Thall, last seen in Toronto running nude in st.
MoM NOW: Ireland and the table of modernism, Farley living the pre-history of digi-culture, celtic consciousness, retrieval of oral trad.
MoM NOW: The word that makes the market is the poetry (not interested in pop culture).
MoM NOW: William Irwin Thompson on McLuhan, Autism vs The Closet Recluse, Howard Hughes, high rise vs ghetto, Hughes is fate of everyone
MoM NOW: Booted from SKYPE, half way through letter from MM to Sidney Halpern, 9 Jan. 1974. McLuhan on Israel and the eschatalogical
MoM NOW: Bob recounts a story of Corrine talking to McLuhan, MM says he should have said more about Jesus, reflecting on old MoM's
MoM NOW: Mdme. Blatavatsky, electrical engineers of electro magnetic spectrum, McLuhan's Catholicism, the roots of the word/sacred
MoM NOW: The eleventh thunder (cyberspace), communicake (-ing), Father Peyton, the mystical body and the internet, the faith to probe
MoM NOW: Great Irish heroes, golf, impishness, the four factors in mass movements, blind spots of the literary person, the RISE of the Net
MoM NOW: ALL-for-a-bit, the devaluation of coinage, TV reportage on TWEETS, talking to an older medium vs human chemical bodies
MoM NOW: Social autism and audience engagement, mediums and audiences, the byzantine formulae of facebook, being h u m a n
MoM NOW: Mobiles and the sense of LANDING vs floating in the older TV landscape. Mobiles and a sense of RE-embodiment, discarnate as figure
MoM NOW: TV and the toy that shrank the nations chest, TV as active medium vs passive medium, the nature of TV, and now mobile
MoM NOW: 10 predicaments and the 10 thunders, the dissolution of universal discourse, reintegration, Eric's 10 thunders
MoM NOW: Mediumship and the radio, spirituality McLuhan and Joyce, FW vs. Aristotle's 10 predicaments, physics, metaphysics.
MoM NOW: McLuhan appears to know that language spoke him, the seance is where they find the ID of HCE, 30s brain-trusts/FDR
MoM NOW: correction: www.fweet.org.
MoM NOW: Theall on techno-poetics and layered discourses of the electric age, the reinvention of Finnegans Wake, Fweett.org (is sans MM)
MoM NOW: McLuhan's appropriations from Joyce, Gutenberg Galaxy as "Road to Finnegans Wake," a translation of Finnegans Wake
MoM NOW: Cultic Twallete, Joyce satirizing AND inventing/establishing, writing Finnegans Wake, the electronic age as discarnate spirit
MoM NOW: "James Joyce and the Invention of Irish History." Satirizing the Yeatsean quest, How Joyce created Irish historical base
MoM NOW: O'Drsicoll thesis on W. B Yeats, spectral memories of the past, The neurotic/psychotic idea that drove O'Driscoll mad
MoM NOW: James Joyce's interest in psychics, see "Dervla." Scott Taylor notes history of psychics in Joyce's family
MoM NOW: McLuhan as the man who is always irritated--he is the enemy. "Look at me as the enemy of society." How much did MM act.
MoM NOW: Havelock at the UoT in late 70s, Julian Jaynes & the origin of the bicameral mind, McLuhan's disinterest in the themes of Havelock
MoM NOW: McLuhan and David Greenberg (the unknown project and the move towards TV projects). The cult of the head. Performance.
MoM NOW: Books as anti-enviornment to the "irish" noise and jocularity in the pub that came to the fore in the 20th century. Strategy
MoM NOW: Telephony and discarnate state of man vs Joyce. wit, restoring the body to speech, Irish debate (and letting lose), bad manners
MoM NOW: Feidler, Kenner and McLuhan...MM subdued at the event. Kenner on Ulysses (on the ball).
MoM NOW: John Barger (sp?), as the lone nut with a grand design theory, Barger was inventing literary geneticism, L. Feildler, MM on panel
MoM NOW: The pre-history of cyber culture, through a Canadian lens.
MoM NOW: Marshall McLuhan and Cohen, The 82 Joyce Conference, Meeting Donald F Theall, The Internet, McLuhan + Joyce (leads to Theall)
MoM NOW: The spatial confluence of theatre and early computing engineering. SPAR brought by vulture capital fund. Robotics. McDonald-Dow
MoM NOW: The Winter of 82', a dark time for Canada, hi-tech success in Canada (and being colony of American empire)
MoM NOW: Farley talking about building the arm for the space shuttle (for NASA), Also ran a theatre company...this is 1982/Regan
MoM NOW: Beckett, Mediums, Paul as playing Joyce in a play
MoM NOW: We need to ask Paul if he every talked with Barry Nevitt. They have a similar matrix of interests: J. Joyce and tele-comp-engineers
MoM NOW: After some technical chaos ... we are back on "track." [This will be challenging for the listeners]
MoM NOW: The asoc. between M. McLuhan and O'Driscoll, and patterns of influence, Joseph Campbell also at conference, costumes by Etrog
MoM NOW: 1977 Feb "Canada and the Celtic Consciousness" conference by O'Driscoll. William Irwin Thompson, monumental conference
MoM NOW: Marshall McLuhan, the medievalists, McLuhan lecture in Dublin, Farley's relation to computer world.
MoM NOW: Ireland in 72', Toronto, Dundas West, Robert O'Driscoll, Abbey Theatre Group in Toronto, [setting the scene]
MoM NOW: We're recording. Paul Farley, Derrick de Kerchove, connected intelligence movement of the 90s
MoM NOW: Is underway! Guests are: Paul Farrelley (sp?), Scott Taylor, Michael Edmunds, Bob Dobbs, Scott Norris etc... Pre-conversation
WARNING: a TWEET deluge of topics and themes in MoMday 17, where we discuss the work of Marshall McLuhan, will follow soon.
MoMday 17 conference dial-in numbers are: USA: +1 760 569 7070. Canada: +1 559546 1500. Access Code: 929710# Other numbers are available.
McLuhan on Maui (2011) MoMday night seminar 17 will be starting in 20 mins (at 7pm NYC time). Details on how to join in: mcluhanonmaui.com

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