Monday, June 20, 2011

PROBE : Man Machine

"Today we get inside the machine. It is inside us. We in it. Fusion. Oblivion. Safety. Now the human machines are geared to smash one another. You can't shout warnings or encouragement to these machines. First there has to be a retracing process. A reduction of the machine to human form. Circe only turned men into swine. Our problem is tougher."

- Marshall McLuhan, Letters of Marshall McLuhan, p.227 (June 22, 1951), 1987.

"The Mechanical Bride is really a new form of science fiction, with ads and comics cast as characters. Since my object is to show the community in action rather than *prove* anything, it can indeed be regarded as a new kind of novel."

- Marshall McLuhan, Letters of Marshall McLuhan, p.217.

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