Thursday, June 16, 2011

PROBE: "The Toronto School of Perception"

" In 1983 in a lecture to an audience in Paris at a UNESCO sponsored symposium on McLuhan, I coined the phrase "The Toronto School of Communication" to describe this phenomenon as an analogy with what at that time was widely known as "The Cambridge School of English". There was a deliberation in my doing this, since McLuhan as an undergraduate and then a graduate student at Cambridge was associated with this movement during its major impact on literary studies, literary theory and the connection of popular culture with those subjects. Intuitively (and most probably consciously), therefore, McLuhan viewed the multidisciplinary project that he and Carpenter started as the establishment of a "school of thought" which would have a substantial future impact (or perhaps more precisely it should be called " a school of perception " since both McLuhan and Carpenter became more concerned with percepts than concepts) . "

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