Tuesday, June 14, 2011


“What I find gratifying is there are younger people out there who aren’t sure about what
McLuhan was saying but know that he was right about something.” - Doug Coupland

Nacho Aluminum
Mailman Ouch Nu
Alumina Much No
Alumina Much On
Alumina Chum No
Alumina Chum On
Alumina Cum Hon
Alumina Con Hum
Amnia Column Uh
Mania Column Uh
Lama Much Union
Lama Chum Union
Lama Nuncio Hum
Manual Chino Mu
Manual Chino Um
Manual Much Ion
Manual Chum Ion
Manual Cumin Ho
Manual Cumin Oh
Manual Icon Hum
Manual Coin Hum
Alumna Chino Mu
Alumna Chino Um
Alumna Much Ion
Alumna Chum Ion
Alumna Cumin Ho
Alumna Cumin Oh
Alumna Icon Hum
Alumna Coin Hum
Manna Cumuli Ho
Manna Cumuli Oh
Unchain Loam Mu
Unchain Loam Um
Unchain Alum Om
Unchain Maul Om
Mach Alum Union
Mach Maul Union
Macho Alumni Nu
Mocha Alumni Nu
Nacho Alumni Mu
Nacho Alumni Um
Uncial Human Om
Uncial Moan Hum
Manioc Ulna Hum
Communal Ani Uh
Coal Inhuman Mu
Coal Inhuman Um
Cola Inhuman Mu
Cola Inhuman Um
Conman Luau Him
Can Aluminum Ho
Can Aluminum Oh
Ha Aluminum Con
Ah Aluminum Con
Haul Amnion Cum
Haul Moan Cumin
Hula Amnion Cum
Hula Moan Cumin
Ham Alum Nuncio
Ham Maul Nuncio
Ham Anon Cumuli
Human Alum Icon
Human Alum Coin
Human Maul Icon
Human Maul Coin
Human Ma Uncoil
Human Am Uncoil
Mail Unman Ouch
Alumni Man Ouch
Maim Annul Ouch
Imam Annul Ouch
Anion Alum Much
Anion Alum Chum
Anion Maul Much
Anion Maul Chum
A Unchain Lo Mum
A Launch Ion Mum
A Claim Hum Noun
A Uncial Hon Mum
A Calm Hum Union
A Clam Hum Union
A Communal Hi Nu
A Communal Uh In
A Can Holmium Nu
A Inhuman Cum Lo
A Human Cumin Lo
A Human Column I
A Human Cum Loin
A Human Cum Lion
A Mail Much Noun
A Mail Chum Noun
A Nominal Cum Uh
A Alumni Much No
A Alumni Much On
A Alumni Chum No
A Alumni Chum On
A Alumni Cum Hon
A Alumni Con Hum
A Aim Mulch Noun
A Main Column Uh

" Doug ... you know nothing of my work ."

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