Friday, June 24, 2011

SPUME of Dobbstown: The Pentad of MoM

... Quarterly Report (Feb.22-May 22):

1. spew of verbi/voco/visual imagery: "dark_matter" (Toronto, Canada)

2. spew of tactile mouth: "Bob" (Maui, Hawaii)

3. spew of mixed corporate-media: "BuzzCoastin" (Beijing, China)

4. spew of tweets and twats: "chipbody" (Auckland, New Zealand)!/chipbody

5. spew of Non-Physical: "iON" (Finn, HCE)

Forensics of the Environmental Hoods:

1. Global Village (1840-1900)

2. Solar Theater (1910-60)

3. Universal Membrane (1970-1990)

4. Mythic Erogenous Zone (1995-2010)

5. Millennial Ecstatics of 5-Bodied Expressions (2011...)

In this Quarterly Report for MuM, we celebrate the fact we have achieved our initial goal of BURYING the provincial aspirations of the McLuhan Centenary participants.

The fulcrum is now positioned for us to leverage the imaginations of the virtual janitors stranded in the vortexes of their archives.-- Bob Dobbs

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