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MoMday Night Seminar 21: Available for FREE Download

McLuhan on Maui 2011 MoMday night seminar 21. July 18, 2011. Available for FREE download here.

If writing shone a light on the bog of speech, arresting the flux and affording man his first/second look, does it follow that writing must also reverse its character? Here is a bog of TWEETS--topics and themes--from the first three hours:

MoM NOW: Signing off for the day. MoMday continues...
MoM NOW: After quantum was figure and content (80s and 90s) NOW the mystery landscape is figure and content (cf FRINGE)
MoM NOW: We are anticipating the conditions of anti-gravity (frictionless lives), the fodder of Darwin becomes content of sci-fi
MoM NOW: Talking gravity. Back channel conversation: Stuxnet.
MoM NOW: the drama of cognition and redefining what is meant by "word." Non-verbal extra sensory perception (ESP).
MoM NOW: The word, as manifestation of all our perceptions and faculties in a single moment, can be managed by nonvocal means.
MoM NOW: The life of words, and MoM as the greatest performance art installation on the planet! [we support megalomania and BIG egos!]
MoM NOW: What are the "basics" that people are trying to get BACK to? The impossibility of retrieving the univocal.
MoM NOW: The rear view mirror map: McLuhan's word->Finnegans Wake ... for dynamics of language and 21st century.
MoM NOW: Talking about the mechanics of hacking private information for STORY creation. Real information vs Fake information.
MoM NOW: Zizek (the agitated guy) with Hitchens, & Steiner vs Murdoch (98' panel). Murdoch as Android meme.
MoM NOW: The dimensions of multi-body POWER, BoB predicts Murdoch will lose in the long-run. "After Babel" (language talking about itself)
MoM NOW: The Homunculus and the Dwarf image in popular "media" outputs. The image is no longer viable.
MoM NOW: We anticipate that Murdoch will come back with something ... Finnegans Wake mime the process of media fighting among themselves
MoM NOW: How TV "killed" the McCarthy era, the power of LIVE vs replay, Cameron and Blair going after Murdoch
MoM NOW: The death of the whistle-blower (unexplained), paying the police for information, "within the code and within the law"
MoM NOW: bye bye Murdy, on the spot, the Queen vs the Fox ethos, information battles ... and the coming battle of symbols
MoM NOW: Now we are turning to Murdoch. HCE the archetype of speech based society (the Tavern Keeper). How drama mimes Finnegans Wake
MoM NOW: Dominique Scheffel-Dunand, the obsolescence of Universities, the law/lit/cmc matrix and the neocon sensibility
MoM NOW: Returning to the Velpy article, the obsolescence and retrieval of literacy (and cycles of), the dynamic ecologies of literate space
MoM NOW: mcluhanonmaui.com (for dial in details)...
MoM NOW: Twitter outage ... some great themes on the MoMday conference will remain undocumented here.
MoM NOW: garladarling, second life (game spaces), men vs women in 21st century.
MoM NOW: The post-neo con world. Zuckerberg as creator of a medium (not a product). America is not going to work physically...ID image
MoM NOW: The mythos of wall-street. NOW...extreme atomization with web 2.0 and the disappearance of the group mind
MoM NOW: Identity strategies for the decades, managing burn-out, drive to get back to chemical body scale (80s). East/West surface as figure
MoM NOW: the symptoms of super-mobility as realized in the 70s and then the 80s. The rise of the new-age arena. yoga and alt health.
MoM NOW: The flight attendant shifts from ex-nurse to pneumatic pin-up, the image of the nurse (iconic). Objects of desire.
MoM NOW: Revisiting the yuppies of the 80s and 90s (after the party of the 70s). The flight attendant, "coffee, tea or me"
MoM NOW: Using the Baby Boomer as index or barometer of what is going on (re Trends).
MoM NOW: We are talking about Gordon Gekko ("money never sleeps"). The kinetic/visual/manipulative American and perceptions of labor
MoM NOW: Issues of young people raised in affluence vs the rise of the Chinese youth. The collide of pattern recognition and visual values
MoM NOW: What is the sensory matrix of the neocon? Left and Right hemisphere activities in relation to education.
MoM NOW: The neo-con cannot admit that the change is not measurable. Regan, tribal values of TV era retrieves visual values (& individual)
MoM NOW: neo-cons, and what can the government say in a world of rapid change, how elites determine large scale data patterns
MoM NOW: Can some PLEASE mute their F#$ken mic!? How easy it is to hijack dialogue by way of buzzing confusion.
MoM NOW: Discussing Michael Valpy's article...celebrating Canada's greatest thinker. The celebration that follows the censorship of the 80s
MoM NOW: The pre-conversation is underway. Currently feeling out a theme for the session. See: http://t.co/zhvl4Cr
Before we start...my favorite from MoM this week: http://t.co/QBeFLPz. All music is speech slowed down...
This (#21) is the penultimate MoMday seminar before "we" begin a one month media fast in August. MoMday seminars will resume again in Sept.
Conference Call Numbers are also available for Austria, Czech, UK, Germany, Portugal, Romania, and Switzerland.
MoMday seminar dial in numbers are: USA: +1 760 569 7070. Canada: +1 559546 1500. Participant Access Code: 929710#. There are others.
McLuhan on Maui (2011) MoMday night conference 21 will begin in 30 minutes. Details at: mcluhanonmaui.com.

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Sean Clarke said...

Thanks MoM!

Another excellent session of free flow word/pattern magic, enjoying every moment, like a themepark adventure for "the infinite", and a multi-dimensional workout for the imagination, certaily stretching the "sean sphere" here in all kinds of unexpected directions...

Cutting logic, deep mystery, thrills, spills, laughter and tension, the regular leaping into timeless elevated silence, usually whilst rising off the culmination of well honed conceptual peaks, random crazy moments, old facts, new fictions, and then the inevitable "abysmal" descents into fathomless uncharted rabit holes, only to rise again and again, ever refreshed...

Not sure where else on earth one would discover such a rich and multifaceted plethora to leap off or dive into, a real gem!

Thanks Andrew & Bob, for holding court in this unique exchange, and all involved round about and in-between for simply "living out yer thang"...

Very much enjoying the reverberations of your wake :)

~ Sean