Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nominations for MoM 2011 Awards Officially Open

Nominations have officially opened for the prestigious McLuhan on Maui MoM 2011 awards. Nominees can be put forward in the following categories:

If we are all athletes // performers/artists, and art/sport is a way of living rather than any particular product or output, it follows that we should award those FIGURES who excel at walking the walk--living the questions, forging the relationships, pushing the envelope, partying the best, making peace, agitation, etc...

"Media Fast" Awards will be handed out for popularly acclaimed, yet fundamentally mis-directed, stretchings, explorations, wagerings, misappropriations, or decodings, of McLuhan's themes. A MoM 2011 "Media Fast" award is a little bit like an academic sabbatical, but without pay. Recipients of this noted award are encouraged to undertake a stringent media fast of at least 3 months, during which time they will neither be seen nor heard. 

Nominations will close in November. All nominations, including self nominations, can be emailed to: Please note: On Maui the successful will not be battered by adulation.

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