Saturday, July 30, 2011

PROBE: Seductive Vectors of Efficient Causality

So the MM Centenary has further clouded the value of MM's creations just like Madison Avenue did the first time through in the 60s and Wired Magazine seconded in the 90s.

The latest abominable nano-nonsense is available audile-tactilly (as opposed to visile-tactilly by digital newspapers) thanks to Paul Levinson, Bob Logan, and Doug Coupland:

Now, one should not be upset with this outcome since these mediations are exactly what JJ demonstrated in FINNEGANS WAKE with the "HCE scandal/plot" and what MM later understood as inevitable in the crowd dynamics ("Lead, kindly fowl!!" - FW 112) involved.

What is inexcusable is so-called McLuhanist colleagues failing to point out how this is what MM meant by "the medium is the message" and how that pattern is echoed in literature and other magnetics of popular culture and machinery.

These "poseurs in baggy pants" (Frank Zingrone, 1982) don't even know/point out that what impresses North Americans is the fact that MM "predicted" the Internet and that THEREIN lies a particular sensory preference when encountering McLuhan's environment/creation.

MM spent his public life pointing out that the "kinetic, manipulatory" bias of Americans evokes their being seduced by apparent vectors and concepts of Efficient Causality.

Again, the Third Wave of numbskulls (add in Bruce Powe, Mark Federman, and Lance Strate) didn't have a (M)clue-in on how to anticipate and deflect the nano-snow storms of McLuhan 100.

But, WE fulfilled the appointed task/mission on MoM for 22 weeks.

And when we resume in September, look out... as MoM will essentially be renamed "MuM" in effect. -- Bob Dobbs

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