Friday, July 22, 2011

PROMPT: "Ich Bin Ein Winnipigeon!"

"That's a mystery to me. It's not as though he were here [in Winnipeg] fleetingly -- he was shaped here [in Winnipeg]," said Elizabeth McLuhan at that 2004 University of Manitoba ceremony.

"It's not a flimsy claim to say Winnipeg is his city," she said. "Winnipeg nourished him, it sustained him. At a time Winnipeg feels upbeat about itself, it's a good time to embrace it.

"He talked all his life about the effect of Winnipeg and living on the Prairies," his son, Eric McLuhan, said at that ceremony in 2004.

"Winnipeg would be a wonderful place to start a communications studies school, but not a conventional one. That would be a very worthwhile thing to do, and it would make U of M a world leader."

Winnipeg School of Communications :

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