Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Pending Media Fast

McLuhan: Mr. Auden, will you please comment on the relation of the English language and prosody to jazz and rock.
Auden: I know nothing about them.
McLuhan: Well, you hear them —
Auden: I don't.
McLuhan: You can't help it.
Auden: I do — I don't have to hear them. I live in an apartment in New York where I don't have to hear them
McLuhan: You are very lucky you can turn these things off.
Auden: I don't have them on.
McLuhan: But even in air travel, you can turn them off?
Auden: That's just schmaltz music they have on the record to try to quiet the nerves of the people. I don't have to hear rock because —
McLuhan: You can't miss it whether you try or not.
Auden: But I can...

The MoMday seminars will HALT for a period of one month so as to facilitate a media fast (for the mouth and ears at least). The last MoMday night seminar/colloquia for semester one will be number 22 (July 25, 2011). MoMday seminars will resume in the second semester starting in September (with MoMday Seminar 24).  


Anonymous said...

MoM turns itself off ...
Media Ecology in action !

Anonymous said...

oh, shucks
will be interesting to see if a certain penchant for disregard of rules ensues and people call in anyway... for the clandestine and serendipitous, mysterious and romantic MoM 23!!!