Monday, August 8, 2011

Amerika & Cosmic Man

“Once 'Western Man' was the object of my particular solicitude. He was ailing, in fact in a decline – it was denied me to foresee what would so shortly befall, and I sought to heal and reinvigorate him. He was, of course, past help, and now is dead.He only breathed his last a short while ago, but to me he seems as far away as Cro-Magnon Man. I cannot regret him, I find, in the slightest degree. I feel no loyalty toward him. All my loyalties today are for a far more significant and imposing person, namely Cosmic Man (or “Cosmopolitan,” as they would have said last century). This man I have seen and talked with in America. So I know what he will be like when his day comes, and he is everywhere.” Lewis, Wyndham P. 1969. America and Cosmic Man. Port Washington, N.Y.: Kennikat. Originally published in 1948.

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