Wednesday, August 10, 2011

McLuhan to E. T. Hall, May 6, 1962

"Clearly Lewis sees the puppet condition as resulting from the innering of what has been outtered by the wild body. By “wild body” he implies the integral body of pre-literate man, using the world “wild” in its older technical sense of “uncivilized”.

The innerings and outerings of the fragmented or civilized man would seem to be far more complex and much less appealing than those of the wild body. But in the electronic age, we have finally outtered all our selves again, that is, all our senses our now outside us electronically in a simultaneous field, and we can, if we choose, adjust the ratios of those things to the focal point of con-sciousness. For surely the later is a ratio among the five senses. Other creatures would seem to have a fixed ratio merely..."

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