Tuesday, August 2, 2011


4. What is needed is a great collection of anecdotes minus any point of view. The anecdote can yield multitudes of diverse insights unsuspected by the narrator of the anecdote. - M.M.

5. To define is to kill. To suggest is to create. - Stephane Mallarme

6. The interplay of anecdotal "figures" can reveal a "ground" of process patterns that gave them meaning. - M.M./B.N.

7. To reward and make celebrities of artists can be a way of ignoring their prophetic work, and preventing its timely use for survival. - M.M.

8. Percepts are unique experiences of direct encounter with present existence. - M.M./B.N.

9. Concepts are convenient packages of similar percepts of past experience that automatically convert the present into rear-view images. - M.M./B.N.

10. Acoustic Space is an EAR-world having centres everywhere with boundaries nowhere and is the natural habitat of non-literate cultures. - M.M./B.N.

11. Visual Space is an EYE-world having separate centres with definite boundaries and is the civilized home of literate Western cultures -- an inadvertent result of Greek phonetic literacy. - M.M./B.N.

12. Every innovation, while obsolescing something present, also retrieves something similar, previously obsolesced. - M.M.

13. Electric information travelling at the speed of light has eroded the Ground Rules of the literate Eye-world, while retrieving Process Patterns of the non-literate Ear-world with new meaning. - M.M./B.N.

14. Communication satellites ushered in a new Global Electric Theatre of the Absurd, where only the unexpected happens, precisely because old logical Thinking can no longer keep pace with new eco-logical Being. - B.N.

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