Tuesday, August 2, 2011


15. Electric speedup created global crises of identity, regardless of any intent to improve human communication. - B.N.

16. We can no longer afford merely to wait and see the effects of innovation; human survival demands that we learn to anticipate the effects before creating the causes. - B.N.

17. We set out to create a new New Science: to anticipate, rather than merely react to what was actually happening, by instant replay with suspended judgment. - B.N.

18. Artists are concerned with how people make sense or "meaning" through re-presentation, not replica. - B.N.

19. Every human artifact is a "medium" of human communication. - B.N.

20. Man is the content of the environment he creates, whether of "hardware" or "software," whether of consciousness or unconsciousness. - M.M./B.N.

21. Marshall taught us to use satire, paradox, and hyperbole as "probes" to stimulate thinking through dialogue to discover new knowledge, rather than to inhibit thinking by argument to defend old opinions. - B.N.

22. In our beginning is our end. - T.S. Eliot

23. The medium is the massage. - M.M.

24. Marshall's use of language was completely different to mine, so we were at cross purposes. Then, suddenly, it struck me: here is a Professor of English who understands information theory! - Arthur Porter

25. The media are always bigger than the event! - M.M.

26. Marshall was talking about the personal computer a dozen years before IBM thought of it. Here was a Professor of English more than a decade ahead of the technical people in computer evolution. He was thinking in terms of the user. - Arthur Porter.

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