Thursday, August 4, 2011


27. Marshall completely changed my way of thinking. From focusing on technology and hardware, it moved completely to: "How is it going to be used?" and "What effect is it going to have on people?" - Arthur Porter 

28. Marshall used to close his eyes, and say: "No information," then touch the table with his finger, and add: "No connection." So simple, yet so profound in its implications. - Arthur Porter

29. I had never in my wildest dreams associated vision, hearing, tactility through the interplay of the senses, that artists call synaesthesia. - Arthur Porter

30. We recognized that people are always the content of their media (which, as users, they put on like masks). - B.N.

31. Only people can make sense of sensory inputs. - B.N.

32. Nobody can "intellectualize multi-sensory human experience" or prove the validity of anything that makes life really worth living. - B.N.

33. I make the most significant discoveries while simply talking to people. - M.M.

34. In the nuclear age abstract or non-objective art is plainly prophetic. - M.M.

35. On the phone or on the air the user of electric services has no physical body. We are discarnate people, figures in an instantaneous and invisible ground of energy and vibration. - M.M.

36. Moreness is not conducive to sanity or dialogue. - M.M.

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