Saturday, August 13, 2011


"a self contained world placed on a void of sand"
66. The desire to break away from the industrial community and the highly pyramided, vertically structured, has been felt by all our young people today. - M.M.

67. The right [cerebral] hemisphere tends to favour the ear, music, acoustic space, simultaneity. - M.M.

68. All convicts are apparently now supplied with good TV sets... There really is an astonishing story of how much television has helped to improve the level of crime. - M.M. 

69. The implication that society of the late 1940s was married to the bride of technology was rather startling. - Mother Guinan

70. North Americans go outside to be alone, and they go home to be social; whereas Europeans go outside to be social, and home to be alone. - M.M.

71. Privacy is something that you buy with your car. - M.M.

72. [North Americans] do their thinking, their decision-making, their planning, while in the car.  There is no privacy outside the car.  That's why [we] do not mind commuting 20 or 30 miles a day. - M.M.

73. The motor car is really the antithesis of community.  Yet it is the central fact of our lives. - M.M.

74. Much of our [American] literature is based on the idea of wandering forth to be very much alone, like Walden Pond.  Thoreau at Walden Pond didn't want to meet anybody. - M.M.

75. We learn as we teach and vice versa.  Wordsworth recognized this complementarity as: "The child is father to the man." - B.N.

76. The parents make their children just as the children remake their parents, and each other, in a continuing process. - B.N.

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