Wednesday, August 17, 2011


77. Marshall on teaching: Provide shortcuts to old knowledge by organizing information, and explore means to discover new knowledge by organizing ignorance.

78. Marshall pointed out that there was not just one Renaissance, but several before the 16th century. Otherwise, there would have been a lack of manuscripts on which to base the new learning. - Mother Guinan

79. To be at leisure means that all the human faculties are developed to their utmost, running at full tilt with ease. - M.M.

80. We are most at leisure, when we are completely involved. - M.M.

81. Marshall McLuhan was this rare kind of teacher, in whom discovery and teaching (inventio and dispositio) could be found united... - Joseph Keogh

82. The intellectual life, as lived by a spirit as adventurous and passionate as McLuhan's, was an affair of both mind and body, senses and intellect. - Philip Marchand

83. McLuhan taught that a teacher did not ever have to lose enthusiasm for intellectual discovery. - Philip Marchand

84. McLuhan was excited because he really was discovering valuable things; and he discovered valuable things at least partly because he never lost that excitement. - Philip Marchand

85. The appreciation of the poets [in his course] was something McLuhan cared about more deeply than any other intellectual pursuit. - Philip Marchand

86. Modern poetry is resonance. - M.M.

87. Modern poetry is more intimately related to sound than to meaning, imagery, or what have you... - Philip Marchand.

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