Friday, August 19, 2011


88. Resonance is sound as echo, as repetition and prolongation. - Philip Marchand

89. McLuhan liked to read the poetry out loud or to hear it read out loud. - Philip Marchand

90. In our work, we constantly stress not only resonant response that "keeps in tune" with another's action, but resonant action of our own that fosters participant interaction. - B.N.

91. We deliberately avoid "rigid connections;" and highlight multi-sensory metaphors that replay the process patterns of today's "global electric theatre," rather than visual models that display yesterday's "wired city." - B.N.

92. Elbert Hubbard wrote that "Fences do not exist for those who fly." McLuhan taught me to fly from field to field, century to century, culture to culture, thinker to thinker without a passport. - Tom Cooper

93. One could pole vault from idea to idea based upon the fit between the ideas, independent of their historical rooting within disciplines. - Tom Cooper

94. Having no fear of the absurd or outlandish juxtaposition of thoughts greatly enlarges one's ability to see possibilities. - Tom Cooper

95. Often great scientific discoveries, works of art, or inspiring breakthroughs come because the offbeat idea was given full consideration. - Tom Cooper

96. In welcoming new ideas, Marshall was never discriminatory -- he was an equal-opportunity employer. - Tom Cooper

97. Contrary to popular opinion, birds don't sing for joy. - M.M.

98. One could organize everything... by the resonance of the ear and the perspective of the eye. - Kathy Hutchon

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