Saturday, August 6, 2011


47. When you are discovering something that affects everybody it is somewhat gratuitous to impose a single private value judgment upon it. - M.M.

48. In all parts of the world today, there is a huge rush to the urban areas from the rural areas -- a form of separatism in which the more stabilized forms of life are suddenly violated by the intrusion of new images. - M.M.

49. The villager in the country is not a job-holder; he is a role-player. - M.M.

50. We should remember that a University is not going anywhere, and a city is not going anywhere, because the University's job is to be, not to go; and the city's job likewise is not to go somewhere, but to be a city. - M.M.

51. There is a huge gap between going places and being: one is role-playing and the other is job-holding. - M.M.

52. The job-holder may be trying to climb, climb, climb, to go somewhere; but the role-player is a person who gets deeply involved in his work and is completely satisfied by his work. - M.M.

53. Electronically, we cannot specialize any more. - M.M.

54. Electronically, information activity is at such high speed that the fragmented specialist will not hold up. The only hope of remaining inside the electronic situation is to become a role-player. - M.M.

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