Wednesday, August 31, 2011


110. McLuhan rarely watched TV... the TV child is constitutionally different from the literate child. He emphasized that it was not what they read or watched, but that they read or watch. - M.J. Shoultz
111. McLuhan's writings are acoustic, not visual. His magic is personal and involved, not stand-offish and stiff. - M.J. Shoultz
112. Long before we became aware of Sushi and Zen, McLuhan saw that the West was going East - M.J. Shoultz
113. McLuhan pointed out that multi-national corporations have no boundaries, and can, at any moment, instantly transfer their assets to any part of the globe. - M.J. Shoultz
114. Do you want to know what I really think about these machines (TV)? If we want to save a trace of Graeco-Roman-Christian civilization, we'll have to smash all of them! - M.M.
115. Marshall was insisting upon the urgent need to ration an "electronic drug" that substitutes instant analogical imaging for logical sequential thinking. - Tom Langan
116. Become infallible prophets by being among the first to see what has already happened! - M.M.
117. Percepts, not concepts, created the "marvel" of Marshall's prophecies! - B.N.
118. Streaking is but a passing fanny.
119. His dictum, "the medium is the message," and its underlying revelation of the influence of media upon the freight they carry, is awesome in its implications. - Elwy Yost
120. Violence means "crossing somebody's way." - M.M.

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Streaking is 'butt'
a passing fanny.