Friday, August 5, 2011


37. By the time economists can see something you may be past the point of no return. They are the last to see anything. They are drunk with figures. - M.M.

38. Moreness is the alcoholic's dream of a cure. - M.M.

39. Lowering the visual and raising the audile-tactile led to lowering the voice level. - Donald Forgie

40. Mr. Nevitt and I call the electronic world, "The Fourth World." The electronic world goes around the First, Second, and Third Worlds. The Fourth World is an electronic service environment which is total. It's planetary. - M.M.

41. Radio itself (independent of its programming or content) is a very deadly instrument where you are dealing with semi-literates and non-literates, who live by ear. - M.M.

42. The shape of the service environment of roads affects people as much as if they owned a car. The environmental effect shapes the awareness of perceptual life and develops therefore the sorts of expectations that go with it. - M.M.

43. Electric technology moves you instantaneously: you are everywhere at the speed of light, without a body. - M.M.

44. People using telephone, TV, or radio, or any other electric service do not have bodies; they are discarnate beings. - M.M.

45. When you're on the air you are everywhere at once. - M.M.

46. People without bodies tend to be very weak in private identity, a private identity tends to form in an interfacing of social surround. But, minus a body, the social interfacing or encounters are very weak. - M.M.

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