Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vorticisim: A Deep Sea Fish

In a letter to Sheila Watson (Sept. 1973) McLuhan recounts a conversation with Pauline Bondy about Wyndham Lewis. According to McLuhan, Bondy asked Lewis “what is vorticism?” He replied, “there is no such thing. For years I thought I had discovered a form that was not in nature, then one day I discovered it by looking through a catalogue of deep sea fish.” McLuhan concludes, noting that he had forgotten about this aspect of Vorticism.

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Anonymous said...

I think MM was pretty fond of vorticism because the term echoes Poe's Descent into the Maelström and he didn't really have much concerns about what Lewis and others were actually meaning by this word.

If one doesn't survive the descent, s/he gonna have the dip see fiches as nought boors for the remnant of heir sought-after leave.