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MoMday Night Seminar 25: Available for FREE Download

McLuhan on Maui 2011 MoMday night Seminar 25. Sept 26, 2011. Available for FREE download here.

Brief outline of themes and topics as they were TWEETED in [sur]real time:

MoM NOW: Signing off. Thanks all. The recording from MoMday 25 will be posted at the MoM site for FREE download:
MoM NOW: inventory: PANIC kids having a PANIC teenage-hood [these are themes and observations here at MoM25 MoM NOW: Derrida...purposeful lays out visual/acoustic dynamic of #McLuhan and reverses it [thing u had to do in the 90s as an intellectual]
MoM NOW: @buzzcoastin and his role.
MoM NOW: KROKER dancing on the toes of the PoMos (based on having done his 20yrs of homework). All poets must labor!
MoM NOW: The last page of War and Peace...(as far as MM went?), as intro to KROKER (also see MM's From Cliché to Archetype).
MoM NOW: The contextual differences between McLuhan and Kroker. By Kroker there is no time happening. McLuhan's age you could still see
MoM NOW: Music as ground and how society reflects music. Music rules in the quantum age. Punk, sampler, heavy metal economy etc...
@chipbody AK : In a fully tragic sense, McLuhan's final legacy was this: he was the playful perpetrator, and then victim, of a sign-crime.
MoM NOW: Mise en abyme and anamorphosis cf metaphors after the fractal.
MoM NOW: Today, analog media adopt the same/similar postures that "humans" did in the 60s & 70s.
mbytz RT @marsHAL9000 @chipbody AK : "McLuhan was then, in the end, trapped in the "figure" of his own making."
MoM NOW: services of human stubborn-ness vs viral positivity. Strategies people would adopt if they don't like being swallowed by virtuality
MoM NOW: McLuhan on the databanks (in 1970s) people would adopt amnesia as a counter-strategy/rebellion.
MoM NOW: Kroker's criticism of the NEW AGE, mantras and crystals. We're not new age...
MoM NOW: Kroker no longer applies [but is worth considering to get us from McLuhan to the PRESENT]
MoM NOW: KROKER is the poet of the @chipbody. New theme...cell phones and its effects on the Hollywood scene cf Kroker.
MoM NOW: KROKER as bi-modern vs paramodern.
MoM NOW: NOW from #McLuhan's Wake to KROKER...cynical seduction and televisual subjects. EXIT from Modernism to Pomo PRIMITIVES
MoM NOW:The man of the inner trip, & inner encounter..."life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards"--Kierkegaard
MoM NOW: The e-politics of cyber-delic bohemia and what some of these figures did when they became aware of disservices of 90s scene
MoM NOW: Mondo 2000 Vs WIRED, R. U. Sirius and C-Theory...figures swept up by the utopian 90s.
MoM NOW: Kroker works FAST, took the fad word and built a manifesto around it...Now that's active living in the present (in trad. of MM)
MoM NOW: Comparing #McLuhan and #Kroker's discourse. Mondo 2000, Jaron Lanier (90s context). Popular memes of virtuality (fad word)
MoM NOW: Mumble Core (film), un-conscious knee jerk reactions to being documented from birth. Remixing and resampling new identities.
MoM NOW: THE camCorder kids, Kroker suggests, will go vague (in 90s). NOW these kids are in college. Denial of chemical body precision.
MoM NOW: digital re-ordering of false memory opens the door on camcorder as WAY of doing philosophy [these are themes at MoM25]
MoM NOW: cam corders role in the extermination of memory [erasure]...and what is the future for these cam corder kids?
MoM NOW: cam corder as viral weapon in the oedipal struggle!? editing and re-editing the family story of the disappeared excremental family
MoM NOW: Rodney King, the excremental family, surveillance of undocumented dimensions of the self and family ... and effects thereof
MoM NOW: ... Surveillance and crash (re phases of TV). The Cam-corder and cancer, what happens to the population under these conditions
MoM NOW: Kroker...and virtual space growing bodies. Kroker on the 90s TV landscape and excremental TV: sacrificial, disciplinary...
MoM NOW: The blatant transformation of the web...anyone could notice it. Watershed shift. Current theme... labor under digital conditions.
MoM NOW: @PaulLev should be at MoM25. : ) Good conversation on post-McLuhan criticism.
MoM NOW: Kroker is good for understanding the squared version of McLuhan's simulated vision. Still groping for a new language & new metaphors
MoM NOW: Question...explain the youth protests on WALL STREET now. [We will return to that]
MoM NOW: Kroker (post-McLuhan) on intellectual violence!
MoM NOW: Communication AS TRANSFORMATION. [sound intrusion...the mis-educated imagination of Marshall #McLuhan.
MoM NOW: #McLuhan in 1970s..."the goal is not to communicate" (just when everyone was propping up communication as solution).
MoM NOW: beyond the merely technological. And this is why #mediaecology has become acceptable. We are post-media
MoM NOW: Moving at warp speed into another geography of culture...of beyonding and recombinant cultures...
MoM NOW: p. 154 Kroker running through the phases..bring us to post-Baudrillard. The politics of post-sacrificial violence.
MoM NOW: Looped ears, partitioned hearing, accelerated ear-drums, digidesigned ears...the education of the cynical ear as education program
MoM NOW: A culture of quantum fluxuation ... where we are at now. EVERYTHING has disappeared. This is KROKERS starting point.
MoM NOW: Trying to preserve the order of the real? Kroker says we are beyond alienation and reification (cf Lucaks sp? & ruling concepts).
MoM NOW: phase (1) beyond simulation, the society of the wave-form. Genes (leaving"*us*) merging with data.
MoM NOW: [@youngblood bings in] Kroker's relationship to Baudrillard and criticism of. "We are beyond simulation..."
MoM NOW: The ground is a technical environment that has come alive. NOW the stages that Kroker lays out. P. 53 of Spasm.
MoM NOW: Virtuality and Mimesis. Kroker mimes the situation with PANIC WRITING. There is no outside virtuality. Ironic distancing/emersion
MoM NOW: Sign sliding, ambiguity and ambivalence...the mimetic dimension of Kroker's language to SHOW the bi-modern polarity
MoM NOW: DataTrash and Spasm...BoB pointing out the tactile interface between man and machine (cf. Kroker's (mis-) use of his own body terms
ime TWEETS from MoMday 25. Current theme is post-#McLuhan and Arthur Kroker.
Kroker describes what happens to everyone when they are online. MM does not address the "andriod meme." Kroker has the LANGUAGE
#MoMday 25 is underway.

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