Thursday, September 8, 2011

MoMday Seminars On Again (Sept. 12, 2011)

Album currently in production
The MoMday Seminars are due to resume next week, September 12, 2011. Seminars will usually run from 7 pm NYC time each Monday. There may be some deviation from this schedule to accommodate special guests from different time zones. Sessions will typically run from 90-120 minutes (much shorter than the 5 hour marathons during our first "semester"). The FREE conference call numbers can be found here.

*Please note: The McLuhan on Maui MoMday Seminars are an OPEN and FREE forum. The stated aim of the conference is to bring together musicians, scientists, mediums, athletes, bankers, artists, healthcare workers, entrepreneurs, social workers, artisans, metaphysicians, government bureaucrats, and even academics to meditate, mediate, and reflect the contribution(s) of H. Marshall McLuhan. In the final analysis, this MoM conference is about the one object—life itself. Ergo, the doors are open to all figures from any area of the human experiencement.

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