Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MuM 25: Post-Vague

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robbwindow said...

This was said of art found on the retrieval of Tom Berenger (not the actor) from a Dundee Contemporary art, source Doc essay - in "The television war has meant the end of the dichotomy between civilian and military. The public is now participant in every phase of the war" Marshall McLuhan, WAR AND PEACE IN THE GLOBAL VILLAGE. The art, the bodies, the effects, the poets, contemporaries and various movements of the early dadisms. Other interesting locations popped up in the archival research from sources New York, Zurich, Switzerland, Scotland, and other places too, could this be anything to do with the lost documents cited by ion whilst channelling MM. Other channellers popped up in the world of art, poetry and existentialism during to-days short research. Information is very vast in the art world, and it is nice to contribute. Is it true the name has changed to Mum, under Maui? Art names that popped up to confuse me where the Duchamps, the Kadinsky's, the Kubricks, the Stones, Kommisar Hjuler and lots of other things, nothing relevant though. It was nice too.