Monday, September 5, 2011

PROBE: Creating an Audience for Himself

"In America, all serious writing is done by professionals for professionals. There is no serious reading public but only a writing public. Outside a few specialized journals the whole output of print in America is intended as aspirin. Potential writers and artists are thus compelled into the fox-hole of teaching. (Teaching is not a fox-hole as such, but only because there can be little serious teaching done amidst current conditions.) Thus nobody in America in the past thirty years has ever faced the problem of writing a serious book for a general public. Such writers as have stayed out of teaching have automatically appealed to a ready-made audience as is constituted by the Marxian socialists. Lewis, however, sets out to create an audience for himself." (McLuhan, “Wyndham Lewis: Lemuel in Lilliput,” 182)

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