Tuesday, September 6, 2011


121. Marshall was of the opinion that one should never let a fact stand in the way of an intuitively exciting perception. - D. de Kerckhove
122. Theatre [tragedy] was invented by the Greeks to help them recover from the invention of the alphabet. - M.M.
123. Marshall added that the Greek alphabet had precipitated society into a deep crisis of identity, and that it took something as powerful and original as the invention of theatre to help the Athenians to reorder their shattered perceptions of reality. - D. de Kerckhove
124. Professionalism is following the leader. - M.M.
125. History can be changed. - M.M.
126. McLuhan comes along as a new person who examines truth and reality in terms of what is going on. That's what Gandhi did. That's what Socrates did in trying to find out "what is truth?" - K. Bhatia
127. He traces the history of the media -- the telegraph, the telephone, the photograph, the radio, and so on, -- trying to discover how we get to reality when we hear all these noises coming out... - K. Bhatia
128. One might speak of Marshall as a philosopher in the same sense as the Zen-man who rejects all philosophy. - B.N.
129. Message to deep-sea diver: Surface at once. Ship sinking.
130. The action is in the interval. It has nothing to do with the (movie) screen. It's the energy created between the two sequences -- their resonance. - M.M.
131. You mean my fallacy is all wrong? - M.M.

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